Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review! New Wet n Wild Megashield lipcolor!

Hello all!! I'm SO sorry I've been away for so long!! When it rains it pours sometimes, and for the past 2 weeks all 3 of us have been sick, along with a certain someone who injured their arm.  However I am back with a new review!  Wet n Wild Megashield lipcolor.  I admit, when I started on this makeup blogging endevour..I had a few preconcieved notions about Wet n Wild.  However, with the release of their LE Baked eyeshadows I admit  I am now a believer, and I love WnW!  And so on that note, on with the review!

One of Wet n Wild's new releases for this year is their Megashield Lipcolor. Wet n Wild promises "Luxurious color delivers hours of sheer-to-moderate coverage that glides on buttery-soft for a smooth, moist-looking pout. Lips are pampered with Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Avocado Oil, and Rice Bran Oil that moisturize and condition for silky, soft comfort. And with SPF 15, lips are cared for and protected from harmful UVB rays." (copied from WnW website).  I picked up 369S-Salsa Lessons, and 370S-Lolly Popstar.

(Lolly Popstar on left, Salsa Lessons on right)

(close up of Salsa Lessons)

(close up of Lolly Popstar)

Packaging: The packaging on these are a little lose and flimsy.  The lipstick itself is what you see above.  Theres not much more then that..and the lipstick doesnt go all the way down in the tube, so be careful with these.

Color/Performance: Lolly Popstar I was a little disappointed in.  As beautiful as it looks on the tube, its frosty/shimmery color.  The color itself is a beautiful cool toned magenta pink.  However, it was super frosty and I couldnt bear to go out of the house with it on (being in my mid twenties-frosty isnt a good look for me).  I got a good 5 hours of wear however, before it faded to a nice (and unfrosty) stain.  

(Lolly Popstar top-Salsa Lessons bottom)
(indoor lighting)

((Lolly Popstar top-Salsa Lessons bottom)
(In sunlight)

Salsa Lessons is a total win however.  I loves it!  Its a beautiful Coral Red color that looks great on us cool toned gals.  It wore for a good 5 hours with it fading to a nice stain afterwards.

Consistency: I found both of these to be both smooth and moisturizing. The two shades I picked up were medium coverage.. definitely not sheer, but all also not completely opaque ( I could still see a bit of my natural lip color coming through).

Overall:  Overall, I liked these both.  It kills me that Lolly Popstar is a frosty shade, because otherwise I'd love it .  However the formula is nice.  Salsa Lessons is a 10/10.  The most perfect cool toned  coral/red shade (and I was in the market for one!). They both wore for about 5 hours ..leaving a stain on the lips once wore off.  

*As a side note, I love that this line contains SPF! It makes me want to wear Salsa Lessons that much more!  Score for WnW for putting that into their lipstick.

--I bought these myself
---All expressions expressed here are my own.

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