Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lets Welcome Siren's new Contributor!

Upon going through my amazing notebook of notes (yes..i take notes..in a nb of what I review.. don't judge me..haha), I noticed that there's one category of cosmetics that has been lacking.  Eyeliner!  Good gosh..I have some really good ones in my arsenal, and I cant figure out why they aren't up.  However, I do admit, that even I have failings, and one is that blind without my glasses.  That being said, I cant handle liquid eyeliner for the life of me.  I cant see when I'm applying , and so pencil in general is much more forgiving if I make a mistake.

And so, I have recruited my best friend, and the person who got me into this makeup loving mess..


*Round of applause*

She'll be doing reviews, guest posts, and basically become Siren's Eyeliner Guru.

I cant wait for her first post, and I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats as well.

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