Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Review! New Rimmel Lasting Finish-8Hr Collection

Hello all!  The New Year has passed, and we are officially in 2012.  While I have a few resolutions, I do have one that applies to this blog.  I resolve to post at least 3x a week.  Hope thats ok with you all:)

My first post of the new year will Rimmel's new Lasting Finish-8Hr Lipstick.  The display at my local Walgreens had 5 colors.  I picked up #08 a pinky/nude shade. Lets see how it turned out!

Packaging: Aesthetically I really love the design of the lipstick.  The black and red, with Kate Moss's name on the tube is very cool. It also has the Rimmel Crown on top

                            (Close up of Kate Moss's name, and the sexy packaging)

(Rimmel Crown)

 The one downside to the tube itself is that the top doesnt feel secure.  Theres no click or anything when you put it on, so I was a little worried about it coming off. 

Color: The color of the lipstick I chose is #08 which is a pink/nude color.  The display also had shades of red, and brown.  I truly love the color.  Its smooth and sleek, and really complimented my skin tone nicely. 
The lipstick itself goes on nice and smooth and feels very creamy on the lips when first applied, which was great. 

(beautiful color right?)

Performance: Oh Rimmel, I had such high hopes for this! 8hrs! That's all! I would have settled for six even, but didn't last.  I really thought it would though.  Once I swatched the lipstick on my arm, I went to wash it off with soap and water, and ran into trouble, since it wouldn't come off. I thought to myself "Well now.. that's a good sign..".   So I put the lipstick on at exactly Noon, to test it out, and unfortunately it didn't do well after that.  While the color went on creamy and smooth at first, after about 2 hours my lips felt dry, and the color had faded to a stain.  It was a bit confusing, since after about 4 hours I kissed my toddler and it left a kiss mark on her forehead. An hour later, the color was completely gone and was left with only a stain on my lips.  It was a bit hard to see, I admit, but it was there, since my natural lip color is not pink (or nude..).  I'm sure if I had picked up the red color (it was so very hard to choose!)   The stain would have been more noticeable.  However, it did say the lipstick would last 8 hours..I'm not sure if it rubbing off, and staining your lips counts..

Overall: On the whole, I really love this as a regular lipstick.  Does it last 8hrs? In my experience- no.  Does that make it a bad lipstick? Not at all!  I really love how moisturizing, and pigmented it is. I also really want to pick up the red color I saw in the display (if its still there..),  Its a great just didn't last 8hrs as advertised. 

I give it: 4/5- Would have been 5/5 if it had lasted longer. 


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