Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review! New Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD Eyeshadow

Hello all! Its that time again! Time for another review! This is my take on the new Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD Eyeshadow.  I always get very excited for eyeshadows.  I love trying to find the ones that will make my brown eyes (boring) pop!  As much as I love CG (and their new stuff is amazing..), their eyeshadows leave much to be desired.  I have a few palettes from them, but they're not as pigmented on the eye, as they are in the pan. Rimmel is along those lines.  I tried their Glam'Eyes Trio in Maritime (a blue palette), and it didnt work so well. It wasnt pigmented, and disappeared after 2 hours (granted without primer..but seriously..2 hours?).  Lets see if this can redeem them!

(yes another purple..I may have a problem..)

(to show its slightly shimmery)

Packaging: I chose 006 Purple Reign. The packaging is what you'd expect from a drugstore eyeshadow.  Its about the same size as a Maybelline Color Explosion Eyeshadow, but with a way cooler design (I admit..I dig the Union Jack theme).  The lid snaps shut, and had the application instructions on the back. To make it easier..I've listed them here (a little differently then how Rimmel did).

(1-Lid Color; 2-Highlight; 3-Crease; 4-Outer Corner)

Color: Ohh my god. I LOVE colors, and the combination of colors they chose. They all worked so well together once applied to my eyes.  They all blend really nicely, and dont get all muddled together once applied.


Performance:  Oh Rimmel..once again..I had high hopes..why WHY the Union Jack design?!  As much as I love the design of the makes it very hard to get any sort of applicator (whether that be your own eyeshadow brush..or the plastic one that comes with it) into the small spots for the color.  The only spot that was big enough for my brush was the lid color. This is what happened when I tapped my crease brush into the "Outer corner" color:

(my crease brush is soft and fluffy..)

It crumbled!! And I didnt use any force to do that. And was after can kind of see where I ran the applicator in the dark purple.  My crease brush..which I used on the lavender color, also had a hard time getting the pink crease color without picking up the other two colors.  At one point I ended up with 3 small stripes on my brush. It was funny, but not practical.  Once I was able to get just the single color onto my brush, it applied really nicely, and blended wonderfully, but admittedly, it was a pain to get there. The spots are just too small. 

The shadows themselves have no fallout, and creased with no primer after 5.5 hours (yes..5.5 hours..its that good).  They do have a slight shimmer to them, but no glitter, and nothing too gaudy. 

Overall: The design was truly the only downfall here. The shadows themselves are a very good quality, with no fading or creasing, and are highly pigmented.  I just wish that I could get my brushes into those small spots! 

I give it: 3/5 (sorry..the crumbling killed it..)
I bought it myself. 

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  1. My wife uses this and I personally think it makes her look very sexy. ;-)

  2. I hadn't tried these for exactly your reasoning of the design of the palette.

    Just started following you. I love how you write your reviews-so well done but cute!

    Would love for you to follow back!


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