Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review! Wet n Wild Color Icon Mineral Shadows (Limited Ed.)

Ahhh my gosh. I blame this all on Nouveau Cheap.  In my opinion shes one of the best drug store beauty bloggers out there  and I wanted this right after I read her post.  This post is on the Wet n Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Baked eyeshadows (*phew..try to say that 3x fast..*) .  Her review was a total lemming for me..and this isnt the first time.  First it was the Nuance Beautiful Blends eyeshadow Quad, now its these, and once again, I was NOT dissappointed.

These eyeshadows are sold exclusively at Walgreens, and are supposed to be a part of a Beauty Bar.  Mine (in Westchester County NY), didnt have the display-they were loosely displayed on a shelf.  They had all 3, but I picked up the 2 I was most likely to actually use.  I picked up Bake off Contest (which is a nice batch of neutrals), and Baked not Fried , which is a nice pallet of blues.  Each pallet comes with 6 eyeshadows, and a complimentary eyeliner.  First up! Pictures of the gorgeous shadows!

(Baked not fried)

(Bake off contest)

Pretty awesome right?  Yup.  The great thing about baked eyeshadows are that they can be used wet or dry You get a better color payoff with a wet eyeshadow brush, but I liked using them dry since they were easier to blend together.  

Oh Wet n have such a great product..why..WHY did you package them so crappily?  Number one..theres no imprint of a name or anything on the back of the Pallet..which makes things very confusing.  Also, and worse, is that the top comes completely off! Theres NO hinge or anything to keep the cover on, which will make things very difficult for traveling (and more then once I almost dropped the whole thing). 

The colors are amazing! I didnt swatch them (I know ..bad beauty blogger) , but trust me, theyre gorgeous.  As I said before, they can be used wet or dry.  Dry is easier to blend and you get sheerer color; and wet you get a much more vibrant , brighter, shimmery color.

The colors are vibrant, and blendable, and very wearable.  They do crease after 3/4 hrs without primer, so I would suggest using one underneath. Wet or dry, they perform great, and this is a great batch of shadows.  You will need your own eyeshadow brush though, since they dont come with one (however, fingers work well too!).  I love that even with the creasing, the colors didnt fade at all! The lovely bronze color was just as bronze as when I put in on, as well as the beautiful sky blue. The eyeliners were just meh.  But, lets face it ..youre not buying it for the eyeliners..haha.

I'm VERY happy with this pallet! People can wear blue again!  Many people are afraid to wear blue "too 80's" is what I hear almost constantly.  Not anymore.  I did my eyes using (dry), the light blue shade (First on the bottom row in my pic) as a lid color, then the black and blue shade in the crease (looks like earth..), and then a non shimmery highlight brow shade (I used WnW Color icon single in Brulee).  Its not overwhelming, or too "BAM in your face" blue .  My husband (who normally doesnt notice anything I put on my face) , even commented on how pretty my eyes were.  If you have brown eyes, check these out. 
For 4.99$ at Walgreens these cant be beat! Pick yours up now before theyre gone!

I give it 4/5 (would have been a 5 if not for flimsy packaging). 


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