Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Favorite Fall Lipsticks!!

I was inspired to write this post after I read some posts by the Lipstick Bandits (if you wanna know about them click...Here:D).  I thought to myself  " I changing my routine for fall? and what would mine be?"  The answer to the first part of the question was a No.  I'm not a fan of change (except for when it snows..thats awesome).  But aside from weather, I like things the way they are, and while I enjoy reading about whats on trend, I generally only take one or two things from it and thats it.  However, this time I actually decided to change my routine.  Its just lipstick, and besides..2011 was supposed to be a year of doing things differently. So BAM. Dark berry colored lipstick here we come!

After going through my lipstick stash (lots of pinks and nudes in there..) I stumbled upon a few that I thought would be great for fall. Do I expect you're going to run out and buy them? No.  Would it tickle me to know I inspired someone to do that? Yes. However, this is merely to inspire you and give you your own ideas (and get my opinion out there..).  I picked out a nudish color, a medium color, and a dark color (which surprisingly I LOVE).

Here are my picks:

(bottom-top: Verve-Raspberry Glace-& Wild Orchid)

First up: Covergirls Lip Perfection Lipstick in Verve 370


As always don't be fooled by the color on the bottom of the tube.  It is misleading.  In person, it looks a little more pink.  Its really not. Its actually a shimmery sheer lilac color.  Im always drawn to the colors of lipsticks, and this is actually quite beautiful.  Now, most people would probably be scared to wear this.  I know I was .  I was like "What the hell?" .  But then I put it on.  Whoh.  Its a nice alternative to nude.  Hint of pink/purple , and it is sheer.  Hell. To prove it, I even took a pic of me wearing it (something I swore i'd NEVER do for this blog). 

See?  No so scary.  Sort of a "My lips but better" look.  Hell. I wish i'd realized earlier just how awesome this lipstick was.   Its incredibly moisturizing, and thanks to the fact that its sheer and light, I can wear this anywhere.  Just a does transfer to cups, spoons, children..etc..and I cant imagine it stains lips since its so light.
 Covergirl lip perfection retail for $7.49 on (just in case;)

Next! Different Lipstick by Clinique in Raspberry Glace

Ahhh my lord. These pics..they don't do it justice, and really..I could take pics of this all day.  Thanks to having a daughter, I've grown fond of shades of pink (on anything), and this...THIS is an awesome shade of pink.  Clinique describes it as "mid tone blue pink with soft shimmer".  That's about right.  The shimmer shows up in the light (not in the pics though) .  On my lips you can see the shimmer, and sometimes reflects a little darker magenta, which I like.  Anyone can wear this shade, and it has the magical way of making someone look put together with just this, and a smidge of eyeliner. Surprisingly, its long wearing, and it doesn't transfer as much as I thought it would-Win!  It retails for $14.50 online.  Which is great, because you really only need to apply this once, and bam! stains lips, so u get the pretty pink color at the end of a long day:)

Lastly: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid 457

This is the darkest of the 3, and definitely NOT the color of the sticker imprinted on the bottom (uhghh is it ever?).  This picture actually came out great.  Its a dark magenta, with purple sheeny undertones.  Yeah..I said sheeny. I can do that.  When I first put this baby on..I was "Whoh-dark!" .  I had to put it away for a week or two.  But then I gave it another shot.  Not too bad.  If you blot on tissue, it sheers it out, and looks like a cool dark stain.  Me? I left it alone.  This is surprisingly wearable.  Here it is..another picture of me wearing it.. (my lip shots were *shudder*). 
See? Once again. Not that bad.  I included the picture to show you that yes YOU ..You can wear darkish lipstick too. And yes. ANYONE can wear this.  Tho..go easy on the eye makeup if you do.

Wanna know something odd? I have other lipsticks from Revlon (super lustrous and all), and this one more then others from the brand, was long wearing!  I actually had to take it off with makeup remover wipes (after smearing my face trying to get it off by washing my face).  It definitely stains. Its not super drying, but it  did feel better using it over lip balm.

Revlon goes for $7.99 in stores.

So there you have it.  My picks!  How bout u all?

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