Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review! Rimmel

I know its been a while, but I'm back! I've been on the hunt lately for a good cheapish drugstore foundation that i can wear to work. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something that will control shine, and make me not look exhausted.  This Rimmel Found. recently went into clearance at Walgreens, and so i (obviously) Jumped at the chance. It was litterelly a dollar and change (couldnt hurt to try right?)

I loved everything it said it did! Controls shine for up 12 hours! Sounds good! I'm generelly at my job 5.5 hours.  Its not particularly hard..but it does get a wee hot, so i may sweat..just a tad.  I used this on a Monday before work.  I got the lightest shade.  Last time I got a different ivory shade, and it was dark, even on me. So i got just plain ivory.  It matched really well, and made my face GORGEOUS.  During work, I noticed even when it was hot , my face stayed clear, and shine free. SCORE. Or so i thought..

I took the foundation OFF, and I noticed the next day I had some breakouts.  Wore it to work the next day, and it was different.  Right off I started breaking out, and it only got worse once I took it off the next night.

Bottom Line:

I really REALLY wanted to like this.  Granted, I saved a bundle, but price shouldnt have anything to do with quality right?  Maybe its because I have sensitive skin. I dont know, but for me, while it may have kept me (mostly) shine free, it make me breakout. So i would stay away if you have sensitive skin.


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