Friday, July 15, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review!

As you all know I'm on a hunt for a good foundation for work..and I think I've found it. While CG's Natureluxe (and my Clinique) foundations will always be my go-to's , I love this foundation for work
(I apologize for the blurry picture-my camaras a bit off, since my daughter decided to become a photographer)

I tried this foundation as a tester from my place of work.  I must admit (and I'm sure my hubby will attest to this) I'm a bit in denial about how truly light skinned I am.  I normally would pick Buff Beige untill my husband finally said.."you know can SEE the foundation on your face". Ok fine. I took a tester, and tested out the lightest shades, starting with 130-Buff Beige.  Not a good match.  Finnally i tried 120-which is Classic Ivory.  I concede. I'm an ivory. I'm paler then I think. However, I probably could go lighter, 120 is the good shade for me. Just to note, when in doubt with foundation-GO LIGHTER.  Most drugstores (including CVS and Walgreens) have libral return policies that will allow you to return cosmetics, even when opened (keep your receipt tho!). 

The consistancy of the foundation is different from others I've tried.  I use a moist (not wet) makeup sponge to apply foundation, and when this comes out of the bottle, its a lot thinner then you would expect. I dont mind the thinness, because its not runny, and even with the thinner consistancy , it still gives you great, natural looking coverage, which I like.  I really just want to even out my skintone, and to control the shine on my face I get while I work.  The week that I wore this to work, it was great! It controlled shine really well , with only a few touch ups throughout the day. Also, which is the best part, NO BREAKOUTS. Finally!  It also left my face feeling really good once it came off.  I admit, I wasnt a fan of Maybelline foundation untill this came out.  I do love the Fit Me line thought-I use the Fit Me blush in nude almost every day.  Another note-if you go to their website, they help you pick out the foundation, and all the extras that can go with it.  

Bottom line:

Maybelline did a great job with this foundation, and with 20ish shades to choose from, anyone with any skintone should be able to find a shade perfect for them.  Its not full coverage, but its perfect for a sheer natural look:)

4/5-I bought it myself.

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