Sunday, December 22, 2013

What I've been up to this month!

Nothing to Disclose

So..A while back I made another blog and it was all personal and (I think) hilerious.  However, running two blogs (and starting all over..) was only fun for a second.  So.  I'n an effort to make this blog more personal..I'd like to start doing "Weeks in Review!" or "What I've been up to this week!"  Something to break the monotony of makeup makeup makeup...  Since the month is already pretty much over here's what I've been up to this month!

As you can see it snowed here! 
(Snow makes me feel like this in case youre wondering..)

(Thats Merida in case you're not a disney fan)

So yes!  It snowed!  I totally rocked a red lip on the 2nd snowstorm (we had 2 in the span of a week!) , and I did it just for me, then my daughter went insane.  She loved it! ("Momma..your lips are so red!") She also had her first snow day .  She loves snow like me and went "I get to stay HOME when it SNOWS?"  With her eyes all wide.  She loved it.  Snowballs and fun galore!  Snow (when you're not driving in it) makes you feel like a kid! 

We also decorated the tree, and the rest of our place in preparation for Santa.  N totally gets it now, and its so much fun to be like "Santa..did you hear that?!"  All parents blackmail their kids in December.  Dont judge me.  Do you how much it costs to make a childs Christmas list come true?!

We also went to our very first parent-teacher conference (thats the tree lit up on the bottom left).  N's doing awesomely in school (pat pat), and i thought the tree in front of the library was so pretty next to the moon.  It was great. 

Last but not least..who doesn't love homemade stuff? N made the gingerbread house and the snowman ornament.  The Gingerbread house was awesome until she ate some and I guess something in it had coconut, because she was coughing all night (shes allergic to nuts like her father...).  The snowman ornament is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I really hope it doesnt break..

So thats my month so far!  What do you think? Collage?  Single photos?  Like the idea? Hate it?  let me know!

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