Monday, November 18, 2013

There is a Milani Shadow Eyez Collection out there..and I cant seem to find a name for it.  BUT it has a butt load of purples and a shimmery black and matte white.  I picked up a shimmer called Midnight Romance.  Its a really lovely deep purple. 

I'm not sure whats up with my swatch.  But this does NOT apply patchy.  Its super opaque, but it has GLITTER.  The tube even has glitter on it, and I wont lie..if I'd known, I probably would have passed.  They have satin's. shimmers and matte to choose from (*palms forehead*).  Glittter aside, the formula is to die for, and I'll probably whip this baby out around Christmas when it'll be impossible to avoid glitter. 

6.99 # CVS

What do you think ? Will you be indulging?

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