Saturday, October 19, 2013

Too Faced Jingle All the Way Palette- Swatches and First Impressions! *Picture Heavy*

Sooo.  I'm not going to lie.  Part of the reason why I bought the Jingle All the Way Palette was for the Iphone case.  As any iphone owner knows, the case is extremely important, and with so many different cases to choose from, it can get kind of addicting.  However, I also wanted to try out Too Faced eyeshadows.  I hear great things about them all the time (and my cousin recently bought a palette from them), so I was intrigued.  

First lots of Pictures and Swatches!

(My Too Faced goodie box also came with a "deluxe" bb cream sample and Lashgasm mascara-impressions to come)

(this is the case you receive when you order directly from Sephora exclusive case is pink and gold).

(to show the sparkle!)


(Row 1-Indirect sunlight)

(Row 1-direct sunlight)

(Row 2-Indirect Sunlight)

(Row 2-Direct Sunlight)

(Row 3-Indirect Sunlight)

(Row 3 Direct Sunlight)

(Row 4 Matte Shadows-Indirect Sunlight)

(Row 4 Matte Shadows-Indirect Sunlight)

(Bronzer & Blush-Indirect Sunlight)

(Blush & Bronzer-Indirect Sunlight)

This palette contains 11 shadows, blush, bronzer and the iphone case.  The black case housing the shadows pop out of the iphone case, and has a clear plastic cover that lifts up.

  Nine shadows are shimmery/sparkly and two are matte (the white and brown). The eyeshadows themselves are nice and pigmented.  Some are a bit powdery, but they all apply smoothly and blend easily.  The white matte shadow is actually a nice highlight, while the brown is a nice blending/crease shadow (though a little light).  I will say though, that the squares are very small.  It was difficult to get a sponge applicator in there to swatch, and my eyeshadow brush just barely fits.  So just be forewarned, that these shadows are small.    I love the blush and bronzer though.  Very nice and not too shimmery or orange, though I'm surprised the blush is smaller then the bronzer, since most ladies would probably use more of the  blush as opposed to bronzer.

The iphone case itself is gorgeous, however I wont be using it.  I have an iphone 5 , and so this should fit nicely, however my phone was actually loose in this and I was worried it would fall out.  Also, its not very protective.  Drop the case once.  Boom.  It would probably crack. 

I'm very happy with the palette.  Though I was looking forward to using the case for my phone, the eyeshadows themselves make up for it.  They're creamy, pigmented, and a dream to blend.  I'm very impressed and hope to get more shadows soon.  Is it worth the $25?  I'd say yes.  11 shadows, blush and bronzer?  It makes for a nice travel palette for the holiday.  

$25 & Sephora
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