Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rimmel Haul! *Swatches! *Picture Heavy*

Howdy!  I've decided to share with you a small haul.  In March at Walgreens a lot of the Rimmel was 50% off.  Not everything (no eyeshadows or eyeliners..) but the lipsticks, bronzers, foundation..etc were.  While I'm not a huge fan of Rimmel eyeshadows, their lipsticks are top notch.  So I hauled..little by little.  I admit it may not look like much, but I'm kind of in love:)  Here's what I picked up:

I ended up with 5 lipsticks, and a bronzer.  Normally I wouldn't go near the bronzer.  However, ever since I picked up WnW's bronzer (the super light, practically a highlighter bronzer) Reserve your Cabana, I've been dipping my toes ever so slightly into the bronzer world.  I've got pics, and a small description of everything below!  I'm going to do a short description of everything, and then swatches and pictures at the end!

The Lipsticks:

202-Crush: Its a beautiful, neutral peach color. I'd been wanting this shade for a while, and I'm so happy to add it to my collection.  Its not opaque, so it shows a bit of your natural lip color when you  wear it.  However its not an "in your face" peach.  Its perfect for spring! The wear was also nice..about 4/5 hrs before it faded and left a nice stain.

14-Kate Moss Collection: Its a brownish sandy nude color.  It'll be a beautiful nude for someone..but not for me (it leans a little too much to the brown for me).  I didn't test out the wear on this since It made me look a bit washed out (and ended up taking it off).  However, these are touted to last 8 hrs, and be long wearing.  For me..they last about 5/6  hours (in the other colors I have). 

036-Kiss: Kiss is a frosty mid toned pink.  I really really wanted to love kiss. However, it was too frosty for me to wear during the day..which is sad since the color really is gorgeous.  

12-Kate Moss Collection:  OH MY GOSH.  I LOVE this color.  I actually wanted the red that Kate was wearing in the advert, but 12 looked so cool.  When I first put it on..i was like.."Eh..".  But I left it on most of the day, and kept checking back , and I realized this color is kind of amazing on me.  Its a cool toned Coral/Pink color.  The pinkish undertones is what makes it look well on me, and I love it.  It lasted 5/6 hours through eating and drinking before it faded to a stain. The lipstick itself is smooth and not too drying. This is a true winner.

006-Baby Pink: This without a doubt is my favorite of the bunch.  After wearing this I'd realized I'd seen it before on a blog I read Makeup and Maccaroons (if you've never read her blog..you really should..its great).  This is a light pink lipstick, but not so light that its unwearable.  Its the most perfect neutral pink, and I'm in love.  If you'd like to see a FOTD ..then check out Makeup and Macaroons (by clicking here).

The Bronzer:

The Bronzer is #21 Sunlight.  Its perfect for us pale peeps, and its not a dirty bronze. It has a nice subtle golden sheen to it that I love.  Its not super pigmented so you need to swipe a few times with a bronzer brush, but its perfect for new bronzer users or those who want a hint of a glow.  I'm once again very happy. 

Swatches & Pictures below!












(3/4 swipes-bronzer swatched)

So thats all folks! My Rimmel Haul!  My blog would be nothing without its readers so please leave me loads of comments!  Have you tried any of Rimmels Lipsticks or bronzers? what do you all think?   

Everything here was purchased by me, and all opinions are my own.

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    1. I'm so glad! They're amazing! I love the color selection!

  2. i've heard so much about rimmel lipsticks- i don't think i own any! the colors you have are so lovely i will be checking them out
    Jordan xx
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    1. Let me know if you try some! They really are very very good..especially for a drugstore brand. Yesterday I wore #12, and my husband actually noticed:D if thats not an endorsement (and permission to buy more ;) I dont know what is lol.


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