Thursday, October 31, 2013

Notd! Top it Off from Sinful! And..theres a surprise...

For today's Notd (I've actually been wearing this all week..), I'm wearing Top it Off from Sinful's Decorate Decadently Collection.  I've been posting bottle shots and swatches all week of the Seven (yes.  SEVEN) polishes I bought.  Of them all, I love this the most..and this one has a surprise..

Wait for it...

Its a liquid sand polish!  

I know right?!  I was totally shocked myself.  I'll be honest..I didnt even realize it until I actually wore it on my hands (I dont normally feel up the polishes I swatch).  I thought it might have been a fluke, but I found another bottle and tried it on a piece of paper (I work at Walgreens..I managed to do it..yes..on the clock..but it was for a good cause!), and it is legit liquid sand! 

(sorry for the blurry pic, its the glitters..they're blinding!)

The camera pictures just don't do this polish was so hard to capture the sparkle..

This gives off the most beautiful halo of colors.  Its a periwinkle blue with holo glitter.  

Also, it does feel like sand.  I've never tried a liquid sand polish before, and it literally feels like I put glue on my fingers and dipped them in sand. 

I love this color and this polish so freakin much...

If you dont get ANY other polish.  Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.  I promise.  You wont regret it.

1.99@ Walgreens.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from your friend Virginia over here at Siren Makeup.  Go forth, play tricks, get treats, and eat tons of candy! This is the one time we can all act like a kid (and get away with it).

(100 points if you know what tv show this is from ;-)

My favorite Halloween candy of all time is smarties.  Whars yours?

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More bottle shots from Sinful Polishes Decorate Decadently Collection! (3 more!)

In my first post (click here to see), I mentioned I bought 8 polishes from the Sinful Decorate Decadently Collection.  Here are other 3!

(left to right)
(Holiday Rebel, Silver Rainbows, & Gold Tinsel)

Holiday Rebel (inside)

Holiday Rebel (outside)

Silver Rainbows (inside)

Silver Rainbows (outside)

Gold Tinsel (inside)

Gold Tinsel (outside)

*Holiday Rebel straight up reminds me of Christmas.  Gaudy, and bright.  Red and Green whenever used together will always symbolize Christmas.  For that reason, I will not even try to use this 'till December.  (And for the nail record, its red hex glitter, with forest green glitter throughout a clear base.  Boom . Nail lingo for you). 

*Silver Rainbows is another bar glitter.  Its got magenta, green and some purple bar glitter in a clear base.  This one also sort of reminds me of Christmas.  Dam green and magenta! I know its wierd, but I'm just being real here. I'll have to swatch and see how the formula is before I decide how to use this.

*Gold Tinsel is gorgeous. Rose gold, and gold bar glitter? Awesome combo.  Super excited to use this!

What do you all think? 

Ready for swatches? Coming up!


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Swatches of Top Me Off, Full Spectrum, & Tinsel and Shine from the Sinful Decorate Decadently Collection!

I have swatches from the first half of the polishes from the Decorate Decadently Collection.  I already showed you Gilded (it was my Notd- Click Here to see my first post!).  So here's Top Me Off, Full Spectrum, & Tinsel and Shine!

(Momma got a nail wheel! Booyah!)

*On the nail wheel:  One coat of polish is on left/3 coats on the right*

Full Spectrum

Top Me Off (Sorry..the fuzz is photobombing! Its from a paper towel! haha)
(you can see uneven application on left side)

Tinsel and Shine

*I've actually painted my daughters nails with Top Me Off and I'm doing a mani with it in a moment, so expect a small review and NOTD soon!
* Full Spectrum is a gorgeous pink! I love the glitters sprinkled in with the hex glitters!  Full Spectrum had the nicest consistancy.  
*Tinsel and Shine was a pain.  The bar glitter was wonky, and the polish was thick-nice topper though.  

1.99 @ Walgreens
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life Lately!

I would love to make this blog more then just makeup reviews and whatnot.  I admit, lately, I've been feeling a little less then inspired.  I'd like to show all the things I'm passionate about on here (including makeup).

 So here's whats up me lately!

I'm busily swatching these!  

Here in CT its gotten cold!  It went from warm , sunny and this..

So.  I'm a 28 year old with no license.  There are many reasons why I waited/didnt get my license, but now I'm ready!  In CT you need to get your learners permit matter how old you are (the law just changed.  Dangitt!).  So I practiced and actually read the driving manual.  The day before my hubby got me this:
Being a child of the 80s/90s I had a gameboy growing up.  Yes.  I love this case (8$ in PC)

I passed my permit test!  My face looked like this:
(I studied really hard yall.  I was little kid happy).

After I passed my permit test..we went to Wendys for lunch.  This is what my husband and daughter do with their Frosty's and nuggets:
Yes.  They're freaking dipping the nuggets into their Frosty's.  They asked if I wanted to try...I said "no thanks". 

Its fall now!  I love the changing of the leaves!

The Fall leaves at N's School

Who doesnt love Halloween?  Then you see signs like this: 

So thats whats up with me! Whats going on with you all?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sinful Colors Decorate Decadently! Bottle Shots, and a NOTD! (*Picture Heavy*)

Sinful Colors has come out with a new display, and its full of sparkely, glittery goodness.  I admit, I couldnt resist (and Walgreens has Sinful Polishes on sale right now for .99) , so I picked up 7.  Yes..7 different polishes.  I have lots of bottle shots and a notd to show you.  Lets get to it!
(btw, if you'd like to see a picture of the display Nouveau Cheap has a picture here)

This is the first 4 that I purchased:
(L-R: Top Me Off, Full Spectrum, Gilded & Tinsel and Shine) 

Top Me Off 1376

I took a lot of pics of this to show how the glitter gives off a holo effect.  Of the four, this is my daughters favorite, and I cant wait to wear this.  Its got blue, and pink and silver holo glitter in it (in what looks like a clear base)

Full Spectrum 1384

Full Spectrum has got really pretty  large pink hexagonal glitter with silver holo glitter sprinkled throughout a clear base.

Gilded 1383 

Gilded has gold and red glitter suspended in a clear base. Very appropriate for fall!

Tinsel & Shine 1396

Tinsel and Shine is a bar glitter polish.  It has loads of purple, blue and pink bar glitter in a clear base.

On to the Notd!
(obligatory painted nails holding bottle shot)

For the NOTD I'm wearing Gilded on my bare nail.  This is a sheer polish and is probably best layered over a burgandy or gold polish.  Here I'm wearing it on my bare nail.  On its own, it gives off a nice soft gold glow to the nail.  

*Right now Sinful Colors polish are on sale for .99 /normally they're 1.99 each.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Too Faced Jingle All the Way Palette- Swatches and First Impressions! *Picture Heavy*

Sooo.  I'm not going to lie.  Part of the reason why I bought the Jingle All the Way Palette was for the Iphone case.  As any iphone owner knows, the case is extremely important, and with so many different cases to choose from, it can get kind of addicting.  However, I also wanted to try out Too Faced eyeshadows.  I hear great things about them all the time (and my cousin recently bought a palette from them), so I was intrigued.  

First lots of Pictures and Swatches!

(My Too Faced goodie box also came with a "deluxe" bb cream sample and Lashgasm mascara-impressions to come)

(this is the case you receive when you order directly from Sephora exclusive case is pink and gold).

(to show the sparkle!)


(Row 1-Indirect sunlight)

(Row 1-direct sunlight)

(Row 2-Indirect Sunlight)

(Row 2-Direct Sunlight)

(Row 3-Indirect Sunlight)

(Row 3 Direct Sunlight)

(Row 4 Matte Shadows-Indirect Sunlight)

(Row 4 Matte Shadows-Indirect Sunlight)

(Bronzer & Blush-Indirect Sunlight)

(Blush & Bronzer-Indirect Sunlight)

This palette contains 11 shadows, blush, bronzer and the iphone case.  The black case housing the shadows pop out of the iphone case, and has a clear plastic cover that lifts up.

  Nine shadows are shimmery/sparkly and two are matte (the white and brown). The eyeshadows themselves are nice and pigmented.  Some are a bit powdery, but they all apply smoothly and blend easily.  The white matte shadow is actually a nice highlight, while the brown is a nice blending/crease shadow (though a little light).  I will say though, that the squares are very small.  It was difficult to get a sponge applicator in there to swatch, and my eyeshadow brush just barely fits.  So just be forewarned, that these shadows are small.    I love the blush and bronzer though.  Very nice and not too shimmery or orange, though I'm surprised the blush is smaller then the bronzer, since most ladies would probably use more of the  blush as opposed to bronzer.

The iphone case itself is gorgeous, however I wont be using it.  I have an iphone 5 , and so this should fit nicely, however my phone was actually loose in this and I was worried it would fall out.  Also, its not very protective.  Drop the case once.  Boom.  It would probably crack. 

I'm very happy with the palette.  Though I was looking forward to using the case for my phone, the eyeshadows themselves make up for it.  They're creamy, pigmented, and a dream to blend.  I'm very impressed and hope to get more shadows soon.  Is it worth the $25?  I'd say yes.  11 shadows, blush and bronzer?  It makes for a nice travel palette for the holiday.  

$25 & Sephora
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