Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Starting Off Project: Blush!

Hello all!  I'm involved in the "Starting off" Project.  This project was the brainchild of Steph over at Steph's Inside Voice, and its aim is to give tips to  makeup newbies just starting out

This week's topic is Blush!

Blush..how much do I love thee..? Let me count the ways...

Blush is more then just some rouge on your cheeks.  Blush can lighten your mood, make you feel good, and when you're sick (as I am right now..), can help you fake looking alive!

Types of Blushes
*Cream: Cream blush is used to create a natural glow to cheeks.  

Cream Blushers can be applied with your fingers or with a stippling brush.  Usually they look super pigmented in the pan, and sheer out nicely on your cheeks.  They dont last as long as powder blushes, but if you put a like colored powder over it (or even translucent powder) , the blush can last all day. Cream blushers can be dewy, shimmery, and some can be matte.  But most provide a nice natural looking glow to cheeks.  Just make sure you blend out the edges when you apply!

*Powder: Powder blush comes in all shades , shapes , sizes, and finishes.  They can be glittery, shimmery, matte, satin..you name it, powder blush has it.  Powder blush is much easier to apply (and if you make a mistake, super easy to fix). 

You apply powder blush with a brush (I dont recommend fingers for this..).  You can use a light fluffy powder brush, blush brush, fan brush, or stippling brush.  If you make a mistake with a blush thats too pigmented (and oops have the dreaded streaks to the ears..), you can buff it out with a bigger brush.  

The best blush tip I can give is less is more!  Apply less and start out that way.  You can always add more later, its much harder to take away.

Oh em gee.  Blush comes in a whole rainbow of colors, however for the most natural flush light/peachy pinks for lighter skin, and deeper plums and berries for darker skin.  The color should be the shade your cheeks turn when flushed (pinch your cheeks to see or go for a run!).

My favorite brands of blush are:
Milani & NARS

You can find Milani at drugstores: They run 7-9$
NARS is found at Sephora: 29$

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