Monday, July 29, 2013

Review & Swatch! Almay Smart Shade CC Cream in Light/Pale

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I have a quick review for you all today on Almay's New Smart Shade CC Cream (in light).  Now, I havent had much luck with Almays smart shade line in the past, so I was interested to see how this would stack up. Having been using this baby on/off for two weeks..I'm ready to state my case..but first?

What on earth are CC Creams?!  & Do I need this?!
CC Creams are color correcting balms.  Where BB Creams contained SPF and were supposed to improve skin, CC Creams just color correct.  Any darkness, redness etc.. it counterbalances all that.  You need this only if you have a lot of red/pink/purple or any other blotches or imperfections you wanna fix/ hide.

What Almay says: "Almays new smart shade cc cream is the perfect marriage of lightweight foundation + clarity enhancing skin care for beautiful coverage now and beautiful skin later. the lightweight formula:instantly:
1. covers imperfections flawlessly
2. corrects discolorations
over time:
1. brightens and evens natural skin tone
2. helps prevent future damage with spf 35" (source)

This product promises to color correct, protect with SPF, brighten and even skintone, and to cover imperfections.  I must say... I'm impressed.  This definitely did even out and reduce the redness, it evened out my skintone, and brightened.  On my oily skin (without powder or anything on top) it lasted about 3 hours.  With powder on top it lasted about 5 before it began to fade.  

However there are some cons.  The color match was definitely off..  It also had a tendency to cling to dry patches, and accentuate my pores.  Without powder (on my oily skin) it made me look a tad greasy.  Also, this is not something that can really be worn alone.  It works so much better with foundation on top  (unless you already have amazing which case *applause*.).  

Overall: If the color match was better (for me ) then I would love this.  The flakyness can be fixed by moisturizing, and the greasyness can be fixed with a dusting of powder.  However even with foundation on top, you can still see it wasn't a good color match (for me).  However, if you test this out, and the color match works for you , I would say give it a try.  This wasnt half bad.  It did reduce the redness, and brighten my skin  This also contains SPF 35, which isnt bad for something that goes under foundation. 


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