Monday, March 25, 2013

200th Post! My favorite beauty product-EVER!

Oh My Gosh!!!  My 200th post! Holy MOLEY.  Thats quite a milestone there kids.  Though its obvious by the picture above what my favorite product is, lets take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit my first post.  

*Cue dream music*

(sorry for its small size-its a screenshot of my original post)

You cant tell because the picture is long gone apparently, but it was a review of brilliant brunette shampoo. I had stupidly dyed my hair black, and read that if you conditioned your hair a LOT then it would take out the dye.  Back then I even had a rating system!

A lot of things have changed.  I appreciate my blog much more now, and put a lot more effort into it.  I also have loyal readers! And you all are definitely the best part about this blog. So I thank you!

Moving on to my favorite product. EVER.  Its the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush.  This bad boy is my baby.  Its ridiculously soft, and blends cream and liquid products like a dream.  My daughter N like to play with it on her face (makeup junkie in training!).

(its so fluffy!!)

I apply all my foundations and BB creams with this and  this brush always gives me a flawless finish.  I absolutely love it!  Best investment. Ever.  I love a thing that can multi-task!

24$ @ Ulta and Sephora

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