Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review! Benefit's CORALista Blush!

Hello all my pretty Sirens!  Time for another review! First though I would like to apologize, I know my posts are getting to be few and far between, but it is Christmastime after all;)  So forgive me if I'm not around for a few days:)

On to the review!

I picked up Benefit's CORALista blush back a few weeks ago.  My mother in law was nice enough to give me an ULTA gift card, and I was in there with my cousin, scouring the racks, trying to figure out what to buy.  I kept coming back to this blush.  I don't like testing stuff on my face (aahh germs! ) but I did finger swatch it, and it looked like a gorgeous color to brighten up my complexion.

Here's what Benefit says: "It’s your blush for a tropical flush! This warm coral-pink shade cheers up every skintone in seconds. Includes a soft, natural-bristle brush" (source)

Packaging: It comes in a cardboard box with a flip open top.  It also comes with a plastic separator to hold the brush.  I tossed it since I have my own brushes.  The brush actually isn't bad with this.  Its small and rectangular, works nicely with the blush, and the brush is actually soft!  I ended up giving it to  my daughter (who loves it..haha).  

Color: The color is a pinky pink coral.  However, I'm going to be honest here, I was not a fan in the beginning.  Despite how beautiful it swatched on my finger (and the brightness of the color in the box), it didn't show up that way when I applied it to my cheeks.  I was shocked, because on all the blog's I'd read about this said to go lightly since it was easy to overdo.  It could just be my box, but when I applied it, I barely saw anything show up.  However, that being said, it can be layered, and after a couple of swirls of  my blush brush, it appeared, and it was beautiful!

(finger swatch in sunlight)

(arm swatch indoors-hard to show up on my skintone)

Performance: It may not be as pigmented as I had hoped, but it can be layered, and once it is (and blended out), it looks absolutely gorgeous. It gives a beautiful glow to my cheeks & its long lasting!  I wore it bare on my face for 7.5hrs and by the end of the night there was some fading, and less vibrancy, but still there.   One thing I'd like to note-there is a slight scent to it.  I cant for the life of me figure out what it is, but its really nice! 

Overall:  It's a nice flush of color to your cheeks in the cool winter months.  Its buildable so you can go bold, or subtle.  Its also long lasting, so no worries throughout the day. A win!

Does anyone else own this blush? Did I just get a bad box, or did yours come out sheer like mine did? What do you all think of coral cheeks in winter?

$28.00 @ Ulta & Sephora
Bought myself/opinions are my own

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