Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Social Week 24!

Hello All! Time for another Sunday Social post! Sit back, and lets get to know eachother a little better. This week was pretty awesome. I cant say what it is yet..but its going to be awesome:) Also we're all gearing up for Thanksgiving!

This weeks Sunday Social is :

What are we thankful for?

1. My family: Without my hubby and daughter (MiniSirenN), I'd be nothing, and have no purpose.  They make me want to be better, bring me joy and laughter. My extended family and inlaws as well bring me so much joy and happiness..I'm very lucky.

(my daughter built these)

2. Chinese food.  Especially the fast food kind..and always chicken and broccoli.  Its impossible to mess up and its always delicious.

(this is an actual plate of food that I ate..what u dont take pictures of your food?)

3.My Girls: MiniSirenN's playgroup friends & their moms, SirenV , Cousin SirenK , and SirenG.  Without a group of girlfriends, this gal's life would be very lonely and a lot less happy. 

4. Walgreens.  Yes Walgreens.  They are my employer , and without them, I wouldnt be able to help support my family (for the record, I'm a Photo Specialist/Beauty adviser).

Thats what I'm thankful for.  What about you all? Let me know in the comments section & Happy Thanksgiving!

*Sunday Social is run by Ashleyscarnivalride &acompletewasteofmakeup.  Its a great way for our readers to get to know us a little better.  If you're a newbie blogger (or would simply like to join), go on over to one of those to ladies awesome blogs , and sign up.*

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