Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review! Covergirl's new Clump Crusher Mascara in Black Brown.

Hello all!  Today I've got a new review for you.  Covergirl's got a new Mascara. Its name?  Clump Crusher. I'm not going to lie..as soon as I heard it, I thought it was some joke.  But it's not.  Its on the packaging and everything!  It sounds like a wrestler (my husband opined that it sounded more like a very painful wrestling move...*shudder*).

Clump Crusher joins the Lashblast family of mascaras.

This promises "200% more volume. Zero clumps even after 30 strokes!" (taken from CG Clump crusher display)

(Black Brown shade/ non-waterproof)

The Brush: 

I'm always down for a new mascara.  My two current favorites are both from CG (Lash Perfection, and Natureluxe).  They are both excellent (and strangely missing from the blog...)  I'm sure everyone can agree that clumpy lashes are annoying and CG has come to the rescue with this mascara   Take a look at that brush! The large and small bristles help seperate the lashes, and the formula (which is neither too wet or dry) coats the lashes perfectly.  The tube also has a wiper (thats what I call it at least) on the inside to wipe off the excess mascara (which also helps prevent clumping).

What I liked:
I liked the formula.  As I said earlier, its nice as its neither too wet, or too dry.  It left my lashes feeling light and fluttery (which normally I like).  I also liked the slightly curved brush. The size is a little large, but its easy to get the hang of. This, for me at least, gave me crazy length and separation  I didn't do 30 strokes, but i did do more then my usual two (I did about ten).  My lashes were nice and long and seperated , with no clumping.

What I didn't like:
Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the volume as it promised, which I was surprised at.  I have the original lash blast, and it gives amazing volume.  My experience with this is that it gave me length, and separation   Granted, I only did about ten strokes, so perhaps if I had done more, then I would have gotten the volume I wanted.  

Before and afters!



(after- about strokes )

(after- about strokes )

It gave me nice length and separation, but not much volume.  This is definitely not going to give you dramafull lashes.  But, it does have a great formula, and true to its name, I didn't get any clumps whatsoever.  It wont replace my two current faves, but it is a nice mascara to add to your arsenal.

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