Monday, September 10, 2012

Quickie Foundation Series-Cheap Drugstore Thrills.

The other day SirenV came by, and I asked what foundation she had been using (since it looked amazing).  She was using the new Neutrogena foundation.  Unfortunatly, my Neutrogena met an end when I left the cap off of it in a humid bathroom for (only) about 5 hours (gahh! bacteria!)  Anyhow she got me thinking about my favorite foundations..and so this series!  I'll show you my favorite drugstore-middle-high end foundations.  

First off favorite drugstore foundations!

I have two:

First up! Neutrogena Shine free foundation!

I had to scour my photobucket archives for this pic, since obviously this  foundation is now in foundation heaven.  Its a bit thicker then I'd like (and a pain in the arse to get out of the bottle), however I love this finish this gives me.  Nice and matte, but also slightly face brightening since it evens out my skinetone. Most importantly, I can barely feel it on my face, and theres only minimal shine that breaks through during a normal workday. I will definitely be repurchasing since lately I've been missing it. 

For others I think this would work well since its non-comedogenic (wont clog pores), and Neutrogena is great for making foundations that dont irritate sensitive skin.  If you have dry skin thought, then this is definitely not for you. 

For a foundation that will work well with all skin types I recommend : Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation.
For this next one I had to dig really deep into the Siren Makeup blog to find this pic (its so was before I started watermarking).

Heres a link to the old review, but go easy on me! Its when Siren Makeup was a wee baby!  I recently retried this foundation and remembered all the reasons why I loved it.  Helps keep shine away,evens out my skin, and it feels super light on my face.  I do need to go one shade lighter however, but aside from that, I love this.

 Being that its so light I think it'd be well for all skin types, however if you're oily skinned like me, I'd recommend setting this with something. I love the color range with this! When I bought this I thought 120 was the lightest shade, however its not! Ha!  Also that have a nice range of medium and dark shades as well (and as always, try it , and if u dont like it..keep the receipt and return it).

So there you go! My drugstore foundation choices! What do u all think? I'm right? I'm waaay off? Tell me in the comments section!
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