Monday, May 28, 2012

Blush # 2 & 3 in our Blush Series! CG & Olay Sculpting blush, & CG Classic Color blush

Hello again my little sirens!  Time for another post in my blush series (and happy Memorial day I might add).  Today I'm going to talk about CG & Olay sculpting blush, and CG's Classic Color blush.

 First the CG & Olay Sculpting blush!

What Covergirl has to say about the sculpting blush : "Creamy color defines cheekbones and stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles for flatteringly flawless coverage. The Olay Regenerist Serum inside is infused with vitamins, skin conditioners, and anti-oxidants that actually help improve skin texture to give you an instantly healthy-looking, youthful glow."  

I picked up Plush Peach! Lets see how it did!

This blush admittedly took some time to grow on me.  At the beginning I was completely turned off by the sponge applicator. I couldn't figure out what the heck it was doing with the blush.  Eventually I got a routine down.  I used the sponge to dot the color onto my cheeks , and then blended with my fingers (or my kick a$$ Sonia Kashuk multipurpose brush..).  The color may not look amazing in the pot, but once its on your face, it starts to warm up to a really nice peach color. It lasted throughout most of the day, staying on through the rain, and humidity.  It didn't sink into my skin, but gave it a nice (subtle) peachy glow to my cheeks.

(Pic and Swatch time!)

What I didn't like: The sponge applicator.  What the heck. Its not good for blending, and its only moderately good at putting the color on to my cheeks.  Also after about 4 hours the blush had faded and eventually disappeared.

Next up CG's Classic Color blush in Natural Glow!

(yes..I used to use the brush it came with..)

What Covergirl says (from CG website): "Natural radiance made easy! Just brush on this lightweight, blendable powder blush. Each classic shade sweeps on cleanly, evenly, and comes in a beautiful mirrored compact, for a little lift, a natural glow, effortlessly and anywhere."

This is actually the very first blush I ever bought from any brand-EVER.  As you can see from the pictures..its well loved and used.  This blush is excellent (and that's not just the love talking).  It's called Natural it gives a very subtle glow to the cheeks.  There's no way in heck you can ever put too much of this on (well..I suppose you could would be a  It wears for a good 6/7 hours on me, while I'm at work (doing my retail thing..).  Its soft and powdery, and goes on smooth.  Theres also no hint of shimmer or sparkles anywhere.  It gives a nice glow, and a bit of sheen to the cheeks.

Overall (for both):  Overall these blush are not half bad (though due to their subtlety they're not for everyone..).  The CG & Olay blush is a nice choice for a subtle cream blush (though keep in mind the sponge is useless and the staying power leaves much to be desired).  The color on it however is gorgeous , and I love how the color warms up my cheeks.  The Classic Color blush is a win (for me at least).  I dig subtle blushes and this is a win. It gives a nice glow to cheeks, and can even double as a highlighter.

The CG & Olay retails for about 13.99$ , and the Classic Color is a whopping 5.99 (both at Walgreens).

So tell me what you think? Love em? Hate em? I'm totally wrong? (or I'm SOOO right?)

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  1. The second blush was the one you bought me for my birthday! I have one that is the exact same color as my skin though :/ haha

    - Victoria


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