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Maybelline's *New* Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation -Swatches!

Hello my little Sirens! Time for a review-but this time its a foundation review! Its been a long fact my first reviews here were of foundations (read them at your own I do plan on revisiting those foundations, but for now..lets focus on whats new.

Maybelline has released a new foundation.  Its sort of a spin off of their popular Dream Mousse foundation called Dream Nude Airfoam (try to say that 3x fast..haha).  According to the Maybelline website we'll love it because  its a.."• Lightweight foam foundation• Releases refined pigments pre-dispersed in air for effortless application and 100%  nude perfection.• SPF 16• Ideal for normal skin• Doesn’t clog pores• Dermatologist, allergy tested".    So far it seems as though this foundation has stirred up a bit of a debate in the beauty blogging world.  For every one person who loves it..there seems to be one right behind that hates it.  I admit, I was in the neutral group.  I wasnt in the market for a new foundation.  However my best friend (and new eyeliner guru here in Siren Makeup) Victoria  convinced me to give it a try.  She wove tales of nice natural looking coverage, and skin tone matching, and how you could barely feel it on your skin.  I'm not one to usually give in to peer pressure..but well..obviously I did.  So without further delay..onto my review!

Before I get to the nitty gritty..first swatches.  I ended up getting two colors.  Early on in my makeup days I was in total denial about how pale I was.  So the first shade I got was a shade too dark.  Heres the can and some swatches so you can see:

(150-Classic Ivory)

(oops..pushed too hard..Classic Ivory)

(Classic Ivory blended in)

As you can see..its a smidge dark.  I know its not a deal breaker, and honestly I could have lived with it...but I dont want to just settle for an almost perfect match.  Plus..I couldn't stop obsessing about how it looked on my face (my neck was lighter then my face..).  I went and exchanged it for the lightest shade they had..Porcelain Ivory -110.  THAT my friends..was much much better. 

(110-Porcelain Ivory)

(Porcelain Ivory)

(Porcelain Ivory blended in.  Cant even see it the match is so good:)) you can see..the shades run a smidge dark.  Not a deal breaker-lots do.  To use this..its pretty simple (in theory).  Shake can-press down lightly-use fingers- and apply in small a circular motion on your face.  Sounds simple..however its difficult to get a small amount out of the can.  The upside to that however is that even if you get a lot on the first time you try to dispense the foundation..that should be enough to cover most of your face.  The foundation itself reminds me of shaving cream..only a little thinner and fluffier.

I used 3 methods in applying this:  1-foundation brush-2 damp foundation sponge-3 my fingers.  I prefer the damp foundation I did that first .  No go.  The sponge absorbed all the foundation.  Next up was the brush..same deal and the little bit I did get on my face..was super streaky.  I finally took Victorias advice and used my fingers..and whoh dude.  I liked what I saw.  I do need to say here though..this is marketed for Normal skin, and both Victoria and I have Oily skin.  After applying the foundation to my face..I set it with some translucent powder and took a step back. Oh my gosh..I finally have a glowy face..without that annoying oily/sweaty  look I usually have.  I admit, I did need to touch up with some pressed powder, however i'm used to that. When I tested this..I tested it for about 5 hours.  I did look a bit shiny towards the end but it wasnt anything too major.  I loved how light it felt.  Its definitely different from any foundation I've tried before.

Overall: The Good:  The good is that it does give your face a nice airbrushed look, and it feels so light on the skin!  Its on the sheerer side, so don't expect heavy coverage, but for me, it minimized all my flaws.  I also didn't experience any break outs.  It also contains SPF which is a bonus.  

The bad:  Its difficult to dispense.  I hate having to be careful with the can.  Its also not for all skin types.  While my friend and I had a good experience with our oily skin, I'm not sure if everyone will.  Also the shades run a smidge dark. 

I love this foundation..however its not for everyone.  Try it out , and if you dont like it..return it..its the joy of drugstore makeup:)

I bought this myself
All my own opinions

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  1. Thanks for a good review. You answered basically all my questions about it. :D

  2. Ty! If you have any more questions feel free to ask away!

  3. Ugh I got the porcelain one and I couldn't even see it (in a bad way). There was no color or coverage whatsoever (literally none, this wasn't like too blended in or such a perfect match I couldn't see it but an absolute lack of anything)! I'm really hoping I just got like a defective can or something, because I'm pretty pissed I paid $10+ for nothing.

  4. @ Anna. Even for drugstore foundations if you keep the receipt, you can return it:) And I actually did get a defective can the first time I picked up the porcelain. I agree tho. This foundation definitely isn't for everyone..for me..I'm a fan..but its ok if you're not:)


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