Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review & Swatches! Neutrogena's New Shine Control Liquid Makeup

Hello all my little sirens!  Today's review is on an item  that is a match made in oily girl heaven.  But before I get to that ..let me take u back to a young Mrs . Siren....

  Back in the day (like 10ish years ago!)  I had great skin.  I was that girl you would have hated back in HS.  I never had a pimple, breakout, or shiny forehead moment.  My skin was blissfully normal, and wasnt affected by any of the junk I ate.  I was a hippy/punk back then, and I never ever wore makeup (for prom my friends were shocked I wore lipstick..)  Fast forward to now.  Once I had my daughter, my whole chemistry changed.  I started getting breakouts like crazy, rosacea popped up, and my face became an oil slick.  I wish I could go back to the younger me and say "You lucky chick! Quick! Wear makeup and foundation before its too late!!". Now that I'm older (and actually care how my face looks), my face is a mess. I've managed to curb the breakouts (I miss you salty snacks..), but my oily skin is quite the problem.

Enter Neutrogena's new Shine Control Foundation & Pressed Powder.  Here's what Neutrogena has to say about the foundation:

"Neutrogena® Shine Control Makeup helps provide 8 hour shine control in a lightweight, breathable formula. Shine Control Makeup blends perfectly for natural-looking coverage with a soft, matte finish. Broad-spectrum SPF 20 helps protect against sun damage. Works perfectly with Neutrogena® Shine Control Primer & Shine Control Powder.8 hour shine control*Lightweight, breathable formula*Won't over dry skin*Broad spectrum SPF 20"
(Neutrogena Shine Control Makeup in Classic Ivory)

(I'd say that's a pretty good shade match)

The Shine Control foundation follows the same color range as the Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup range.  So whatever you were in that, you are in this-the colors are the same.  The foundation itself is lightweight and easy to blend.  I of course was the lightest shade.  When applying ( I used a buffing brush, stippling brush and a moist cosmetics sponge) , it blended really easily.  It felt super lightweight.  When I wore it  I had very little breakthrough shine, and I didn't need to touch up until 5 or so hours later (I touched up with the pressed powder, which is up next for review).  I still had to set with powder, but it held up 100x better then almost any other liquid foundation in my arsenal.  The finish is definitely matte.

The only issue I have with this is how insanely limited the shade range is!  Come on cosmetic companies! People of all colors and shapes and sizes have oily skin!  Also, there's no pump.  What a pain in the arse it is to get the foundation out of the bottle.  I hate sticking my fingers into the bottle (how unsanitary!)

Overall:  This is a great option for people with oily skin, and I'm in love!  It holds up well against sweat and oil.  Its lightweight, and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  Also, the fact its spf 20 and broad spectrum doesn't hurt either.  The only gripe I have is that I wish it had a wider shade range, and a pump.


*Update* This formula is extremely thick.  Getting the foundation to come out of the bottle is a huge pain in the bum.

I bought this myself-all opinions are my own.
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