Friday, September 16, 2011

Review! Loreal's Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor

I know its been a while, I'm terrible at this..I even set up a schedule, but sometimes its hard to find a few moments:) But I'm at it again! This time posting a review of Loreal Infallible Le Rouge.  Lately my go-to makeup routine has been eyeliner, some light blush, and a bright lipstick.  The color I bought for this wasnt bright, but I normally dont go bold when I'm purchasing something for the first time (just in case its the color I dont like, not the product). 

Last month, I reviews Maybellines 24 hr superstay lipcolor..and was a bit dissappointed.  I realized then that it wasnt all that products fault.  I really just dont like the feel of lipgloss.  I like lipbalms..chapsticks, lipsticks..but the feeling of a gloss doesnt appeal to me.  So I bought a Loreal Infallible Le Rouge lipstick, hoping it would work for me!

The color I bought was 129-Beyond Blushing.  Its a shimmery dusty rose color.  I bought a nice neutral shade so that I could be  focused on the product and not "omg does this color NOT work for me..". I wore this to work , which was a 5.5hr shift.

First the Good:
While at work there was eating, drinking, lots of talking and laughing.  There was a bit of transfer, but not much.  The trick is to leave it alone for a few moments after applying. I made the mistake of immediatly kissing my daughter after applying, and she had a light pink kiss mark on her forehead (cute-but then difficult to remove..haha).  At the end of the night, some of the lipcolor had worn off, but it wasnt enough for me to reach into my purse to re-apply.  So in that respect I was happy.  Also, once removed with makeup remover , there was NO staining, which I was suprised at.  Though the color I chose was light, so I'm not sure if it would  had stained had I chosen a darker color.

The bad:
As I suspected with something dubbed "long lasting", the lipstick, while it applied smoothly, left my lips dry, and a bit sticky.  It left me wanting to lick my lips the whole night, to the point where I applied some clear chapsick.  The chapstick actually helped, and didnt dull or remove the color at all.  There was some transfer through out the night, but nothing major.  Did I think it would last 10 hours without having to re-apply? Definitly not.  But it did last at least 6 without having to re-apply..which isnt bad.

Overall I loved this lipstick!  With the holidays coming up, and all the eating and drinking that were going to be doing, I'm excited to get a few more.  Their line has 30 colors to choose from, and with most drugstores accepting returns on cosmetics I'm sure everyone can find a color they love to wear throughout the holidays.  While I dont feel it would last 10 hours, I do think that it is a great lipstick.  

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