Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Great Lash!-Top 5(ish) Maybelline Picks

This month is Great Lash from Maybelline's 40th birthday!  And in honor of that, I decided to do a post on my top 5(ish) Maybelline products.  Originally this was going to be Top 3, but I had so many-I had trouble choosing!

#1-Mineral Power Illuminator & Mineral Power Finishing Veil Translucent Loose Powder

I LOVE these two products!!  I actually have a finishing veil from CG (discontinued now), but I like this one much better.  They both came with a small Kabuki brush (the one from the illuminator pictured here).  But i dont really use them.  The Illuminator had mixed reviews online, but personally I love it. There are some days when I use this alone (as opposed to foundation ).  It gives my skin a nice glowy look. Its non irrating, and doesnt clog my pores or anything like that.  I got it in Nude and it looks great on me. 

As for the finishing veil, what can i say? I LOVE it. I use it with a powderbrush to set my foundation and its great.  It gives my skin a nice even look:)

#2-Fit Me Blush in Light Rose & Nude

Since I'm super fair skinned, I usually err on the side of Nude and Light pinks.  My cheeks always seem to have a slight flush to them so I dont need something super pigmented.  I happen to use the Nude more then the pink for an every day look.  It gives my cheeks a nice flush without being overdone.  The pink is perfect for spring and summer and I love how it looks like I'm not wearing any blush at all.  While the blushes are great, for gods sakes, do NOT use the brushes they came with. It picks up WAAY too much color, and its hard to blend.  But the colors are really the focus here-and they are winners.

#3- Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup & Pressed Powder.  Also Fit Me Foundation

As I said before-It was so hard to choose just a few! For a good 2/3 weeks after I bought the Age Rewind foundation, thats all I would use.  I LOVE that its natural, has SPF, and it makes my skin AMAZZING.  I'm 26, so I wouldnt normally need something that has the tagline "age rewind" but it makes my skin look like i'm 16 again (those were the days...).  It evens out my skintone, tightens my skin, and is just radiant. It does have a slight scent to it, but it fades quickly.  I dont normally used pressed powder to set my foundation, I usually just use it instead of.  So the pressed powder is great for giving me that not-too-made-up look I'm going for. 

The fit me foundation..well I covered that in my review! But it is great, sheer, and natural looking foundation..and it has no oils in it (another plus). 

#4-Eyeshadow-Charcoal Smokes

I love wearing grey eyeshadow, and was drawn this this right away.  They change the way they package the quads now (too look like the eyeshadow on the right).  But its a great quad in that it labels everything for you, and it looks really good when all put together. I like that they make things mistake proof. The eyeshadow on the right was a limited edition spring color that I cant stop wearing.  The eyeshadows blend easy, are pigmented, and dont crease (which is great!).  Theyre also mistake how can you not love them?

#5- Last but not least-Great Lash Mascara!

Maybelline hands down has the widest selection of drugstore mascaras..and who can blame them when they do it so well? I purchased Great Lash many months ago, and i honestly wear it at least once a week. Its great for when I wear my glasses because it makes my eyes pop without being too overdone. Its great for throwing in your purse and using every day. Its also priced great..and I like that it conditions as it thickens.  Its great!  The other mascara is the One-by-One .  It has an awesome brush, and it volumizes with no clumps!

So there you have it. My top 5ish favs! What are yours?

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