Saturday, May 28, 2011

New from Walgreens!

I may or may not work at Walgreens (I plead the 5th lol) But I did notice these new displays and they have items I'm super excited about!

I LOVE the Almay makeup remover sticks!! Who doesnt use Q-tips dipped in makeup remover? Especially for that pesky black eyeliner..its great! The Almay wake up concealer is another item I cant wait to try. My husband got the Wake Up foundation, and I use it practically every day. I love that the concealer looks kind of like a little paint brush, which is great.
The new Sally Henson nail polish colors for Spring/ Summer.  I love almost the entire top row (especially the white that reflects blue..thats hot).  They retail 7.99 and its a manicure in a bottle. Once again..I must have these. I do hope to at least get ONE to try  and review.

Thats all for now!


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