Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Covergirl Natureluxe Review!

This has been a long time coming and i'm excited!  I've decided to review this first, and then do my Clinique foundation and compare the two. I'm most definitly NOT a makeup snob (makeup term for those who only buy dept. store /high end makeup), but I do enjoy the clinique brand, and so I will be sharing that with you as well:)

Lets get to it! 

I love this foundation! I am a huge fan of Covergirl. I first started buying CG because of a friend of mine..but then I realized, I love how natural it looks. CG sadly has the rep for being HS makeup, but this is definitly not just for teens. I'm in my mid-twenties, and this is amazing! Its lightweight, sheer coverage, that will give you a natural look (a look I particularly am looking for).

I love that its natural. The website states that it "Contains a hint of jojoba and cucumber extract". Thats pretty cool, and the SPF is a huge thing for me. Yes. Its ONLY spf 10 (small, since other drugstore foundations contain spf 12-15), but the fact that they thought about that scores major points with me. Its also their only foundation that contains spf, and i hope for the future, they include that.

As for the packaging, its definitly aesthetically pleasing. The green see-through tube is great. It lets you know the exact color youre getting, and how much is left. Score. Its also small enough to fit in my purse, another bonus.

The one thing i admit i was confused by were the names. Alabaster is easy enough, but the one i bought is flax. WTF shade is that? Well, the good news is on the CG site you can get the shade names. Flax is actually classic ivory. Once again, points for creativity on using names found in nature.

I am a bzzagent, and recieved a sample in the mail (sign up at bzzagent.com).  However, I joined at the end, and the sample was wayy too dark for me. The one i eventually got tho was the right shade..flax.

Bottom line: This found is awesome. I love the natural look, I love how it felt, it felt like i was wearing nothing at all! (on my face..ha). Its priced 12.99 here in NY, but you can find it cheaper and i would definitly repurchase. I just wish it had more of a shade selection. Maybe for the ultra fair-ultra dark skinned girls (reach more peeps that way!)


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