Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swatches! Wet n Wild Fergie Summer 2013 Limited Ed. Collection! Shades of the Hamptons & Newport Nights!

Whew! Try to say that blog title 3x fast ;)

Recently I picked up the two WnW  Fergie Limited Ed. eyeshadow palettes and I wanted to share the swatches with you as fast as I could (in case you come across them).  

*This isnt a full review.  Just some swatches and my first impressions (I try to not review things that I know are limited edition, since they're hard to find, and not everyone can pick them up.  

Shades of the Hamptons & Newport Nights

Shades of the Hamptons

Newport Nights

Direct sunlight- Newport Nights

Indoor light Newport Nights

Shades of the Hamptons (indoor)

*Both palettes are swatched over bare skin/no primer
*I included two swatches of Newport Nights because of how extremely light and sheer they are.  

The eyeshadows in both palettes are soft and powdery.  I haven't tried any other Fergie palettes (so I cant compare these to the other Fergie palettes) , however I will say  the shadows are not up to par with the 8 pan shadows they have.  WnW 8 pans have excellent pigmentation, are smooth, and not too hard or soft.  These were soft, powdery and slightly chalky.  Not the worst I've seen, but not what I expect from WnW.  Both palettes appear to be satin.  Not quite matte, not quite shimmery. 

Newport Nights is obviously the sheerer of the two, and the shadows were a bit harder.  The middle "F" of Newport Nights is the most pigmented of all the shadows and has some gold glitter thrown in.

Shades of the Hamptons is definitely better of the two palettes.  They had much better pigmentation, and weren't as hard.  However they were still a bit powdery .  3/5 shadows had pretty good pigmentation.  The pink shade (top right), and the center gold shade were the worst pigmentation wise.  Happily, the blue shades and the green were pretty good!  

Overall: Both palettes had a powdery chalky texture.  They're beautiful but some shades were lacking in the pigment department.  If you had to get one, I would definitely say to pick up Shades of the Hamptons.

*I picked these up for 4.99 each-however they had 1$ off stickers, and Walgreens had a Buy one/Get one 50% off sale

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