Friday, May 31, 2013

You need to pick this up! New Covergirl "Ink it! (by Perfect Point Plus)" Eyeliners in Aquamarine Ink & Cocoa Ink (Review and Swatches!)

I'm super excited to be reviewing this right now!  Its new Covergirl "Ink it" eyeliners in Aquamarine, and Cocoa ink.  

When I first heard about these, I knew I had to pick them up and try them...however knowing the record of my Walgreens about getting new stuff in..I decided to not hold my breath.  Until one day I walked in (literally 2 days after I heard about them from Nouveau Cheap ), and I saw this:

My eyeballs almost popped out of my head at that very moment.  

How can you not be drawn in by this display?!  LOOK at that eyeliner!  Look at that blue!  Us brown eyed babes appreciate a good blue eyeliner/eyeshadow.  It really makes our brown eyes pop (granted the model has hazel eyes..but whatever).  

So, of course I picked up the blue, and brown shade.  Black is too harsh for me, and gray accentuates my under eye brown is now my go to .  How did they fare?  Well..first the pics!

(click to enlarge)

Before I get to the color..first lets talk about wear time, and what is promised.  For some unknown reason, CG doesn't have these on their site yet, but the display says " Bright bold liner that lasts!  / Get inked! Stay inked all day!"

All day eh? I've seen a lot of drugstore eyeliners promise that.  So far the only failsafe I've found is milani shadow pencils (which i use as liner).  I decided to put these through the ringer.  I chose a couple of hot, humid, muggy days.  I applied these at 12 (easier to count hours that way..), and checked on them at 10 when I got home from work.

Holy hallways batman..they were still on.  

Yes.  Still on.  Slight transfer into my crease, but it wasn't a huge brown or blue line in my crease.  I tried them without any primer on about 4 hot days (and a couple of warm days in between), and these completely kicked my oily lids butt.  At the 8 hour mark, my eye makeup wasnt perfect, but it didn't need a touchup.  At t0 hours, it definitely showed fading, but it was kind of smokey and smudgey (this is for both the blue and brown eyeliner..they both performed the same).

Once these set..they set.  I tried smudging them on my arm, and it was a no-go for both. 
The point on them is a square point.  Its very soft however so you don't poke yourself in the eye, and texture wise they're not as tough as the other Perfect Point eyeliners I've used in the past.  

Color:  The only downside!  The brown was a beautiful matte brown.  Perfect.  Soft and pigmented in one glorious swipe! Oh Aquamarine..why?!  It was definitely not what I had expected looking at the display. Its a light lighter, less vibrant and required more then one pass to opacity.  I love it still because it's the perfect blue for summer, however I was hoping for something closer to the the display picture.  The aqua shade also has a hint of glitter, but its nothing major.  

Overall: Yes you must try these!  Affordable long lasting drugstore liners!  Perfect for waterlining, or a winged look.  The blue isn't as vibrant as hoped, but its beautiful and performed great nonetheless. 

$12.99 @ Walgreens

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