Monday, May 6, 2013

Review! Milani Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner in Black Vinyl (01)

 Hello all!  Time for another eyeliner review!  Excited? I know I am! This one isnt half bad!

What Milani says: "Sparkling intense color, long-lasting, waterproof formula.   The ultrafine felt-tip applicator makes it easy to apply a thick or thin line and dries down to a sparkling finish. Black also available in a vinyl finish!" (Source)

Sounds good. I'll bite.  Besides-I was impressed with the marker style eyeliner that Milani put out (minus the rubbing away...whyy??!), so I decided to give this a go..and .its pretty good!

Ready for some pictures?

This eyeliner is excellent! Its completely opaque in one coat!  Yay! Its also incredibly long wearing, which I was surprised at .  The only problem is that it takes about 15sec to dry (which is forever in eyeliner time).  When I applied this to my left eye, and opened it right away, I had a nice transfer into my crease.  However, with a little patience , I was able to apply this to my other eye, waited a bit, and voila! No transfer!

As for the wear time-it was excellent.  It lasted all day me!  Removal was also super easy.  It comes off easily with makeup remover (it sort of flakes off ..which is weird). 

Overall: These are excellent and well worth your pennies!  I cant wait to try the other colors (turquoise anyone?)


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