Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Skincare Review (gasp!) Garnier The Ultimate Cleanser 3-Way Clean

Howdy!  Welcome to my very first skincare review! *I can already hear the applause*.  I tend to steer away from reviewing skincare because its all so subjective.  What works for me (with my Combo Oily/Normal skin) may not work for someone else who has the same oily/normal skin.  Anyway, I felt like this might be a little neutral enough to post about, and I kinda dig here it is.

Garnier The Ultimate Cleanser 3 Way Cleanser.

Here's what Garnier has to say:

"• Dermatologist tested for safety • 100% oil-free• Non comedogenic• Won't clog pores• Allergy tested• Respects skin's natural moisture balance 
How do I use it?
As a Daily Cleanser: To wash away dirt and excess oil and remove surface impurities, moisten hands and face and gently apply cleanser in circular motions avoiding the eye area. Rinse face with water.
As an Exfoliating Scrub: To gently exfoliate away dead skin cells for super-smooth skin, moisten hands and face and vigorously massage for 1 minute onto skin in circular motions avoiding the eye area. Rinse face with water. Use 1 to 2 times a week.
As a 3 Minute Mask: to detoxify skin and purify clogged pores, spread a thin layer onto skin avoiding the eye area. Let dry for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use 1 to 2 times a week. " source

What I liked :
I liked using it to exfoliate my skin.  It wasnt crazy rough on my skin (though the beads are a bit hard) , and had a pleasant floraly/clay smell.  It exfoliates without leaving my skin tight and dry (though I always moisturize afterwards anyway). I also like using it as a mask over my whole face. I apply, leave it on for 3 (ok..5) min, and rinse.  My face feels nice and smooth, and always looks a bit clearer.  The fact that it's oil free is also a win. With my oil slick of a forehead , the last thing my face needs is more oil.

What I didnt like:
..Truthfully, it cant be used as a regular cleanser.  The exfoliating beads are in the cream, and no matter what, you end up exfoliating, scrubbing, and taking off a layer of skin.  It's also a bit of a trip to take off. You have to rinse, and rinse and rinse to make sure all the beads and lather is gone.

 This product is just " OK" . Its a good scrub if you dont mind scratchy exfoliating beads (personally I dont mind).  It's also an ok mask (though, as I said..the beads are always be careful).  Theres no way in heck this could be used as a daily cleanser .  I personally like it as an exfoliator, and will use it as such.  Will I repurchase?  Maybe.

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