Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quickie Tutorial for Eyeliner newbies.

Since I've gotten into makeup, I've been asked (a few times by cousins etc..) about the easiest way to line (or define) your lower last line. It took some time, (and loads upon loads of practice), but I've figured out a few different ways.  I'm here to share with you the simplest way.

For most of you..this will be a "no duh" tutorial.  But for those of you who are new to makeup, I think this will be helpful.  Even I (as a mid-twenties young woman) need help lining my lower lash line.  You will need only a few items, and its super quick and easy.

What you will need: 
--A small eyeliner or smudge brush.  I'm using the ecotools smudge brush from the eyeshadow brush set.  However, any eyeliner or smudge brush is fine. I like the finer point on my brush because I like to get the color as close to the lashline as I can.

--Any color shadow.  I'm using a matte brown, and a shimmery taupe, but you can use blue, black, anything you'd like.

(UD Buck-one of my all time favorite shadows)

--Long lasting eyeliner.  Since we're lining the waterline, you need something that wont fade.  I like Urban Decay eyeliners (since they're insanely long lasting) however I also use Covergirl liquiline blast.

How to:
--Simply line your (lower) waterline (that patch of skin just above your lash line-here's an image of where the waterline is) with the eyeliner pencil of your choice (I like brown).
--Dip your brush (or you can even use the side or tip of a sponge applicator), and smudge lightly into the lashline.  Do it little by little , you can always add more later. Its much easier to add more rather then take away.

Annnnddd...youre done!

Its super subtle, and smudgy, and takes me litterelly 5 seconds.  I love this look!  (Here's what it looks like on me)

My eye pre-makeup:

My eyes post makeup:
(Right eye)

(left eye)

(Left eye sideways)

*Tip* Lining your waterline is easy...keeping the eyeliner there is whats hard.  To help keep it in place..set it with powder shadow.

I decided on two looks that I use theres a different look on each eye.

For my right eye I kept it simple:
-UD Chase - all over lid
-UD Buck - Crease and lower lash line
-CG CG Liquiline blast-liner for the top lid, and lower waterline

This look is obviously very simple, but effective.  It also requires very little maintenance (which I like).

For my left eye I used a darker color shadow:
-UD Chase-All over lid
-CG CG Liquiline blast-liner for the top lid, and lower waterline
-Loreal Infallible Bronzed Taupe-Liner for the upper and lower lashline.

Using the infallible shadows as liner is genius.  It stayed on my lower lashline all day, and into the evening.

The trick here is to just line your lower lashline with a bit of shadow.  I chose lighter colors since all of my features (eyes, hair, glasses) are dark.  Even if the shadow isnt perfect, its fine..because smudged out shadow looks good on (most) everyone.

So there you have it! My very first tutorial!   I hope at least some of you found this useful:)  Let me know if you'd like to see more .
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