Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review! New Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener

Hello! Time for another review! This time of Revlon's New Photo Ready Eye Primer + Brightener.  This came out during the holiday season, and I picked it up since I was in the mood for a new primer (and brightening my eyes never hurt).

Here's what Revlon has to say about their Primer and Brightener. "Smoothes, perfects and brightens eye area by reducing the appearance of fine lines and crease on lids…use anytime, anywhere on face as a brightening 'pick me up'!"
Sounds good to me! Lets see how this baby did.

(Click to enlarge pictures)

This comes in a click style pen.  You twist the bottom, and the liquid comes out of the brush tip.  I actually really like that it comes out the tip of the brush , as opposed to the maybelline concealer, which came out the bottom of it.  However, that was pretty much all I liked.  Before I get to that though, more pics!

(outdoors-direct sunlight)

(outdoors-direct sunlight)

 Unfortunately, and I hate doing this, but this product is not very good (which is a shame, since usually Revlon puts out quality products).  As a primer, it works just ok.  Used under shadow, my eyeshadow creased and faded w/in 4 hours, which is my average without primer.  As an eye brightener its very very bad.  It doesnt conceal at all, so when I used it under my eyes, it sort of drew my eyes to my bags and dark circles (never fun).  I was really hoping that this would be awesome, because who wouldnt want a quality drugstore eyeshadow primer that could double as an eye brightner? I dig things that multitask.  But..there are better primers and brightners out there.

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