Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review! Almay Satin i-color, and Shimmer i-color Eyeshadows (for brown eyes)

Hellloo my lovelies! As much as I love doing reviews, just so you all know, I will be spicing it up a bit here with things I'm currently lemming for, as well as some non-makeup related things:)

Its Almay time! I sort of have a love/ hate for Almay.  I've had some very good luck with their Almay Wake-up Foundation (its quite awesome..go try it), and I'm also loving the Wake-up Concealer that goes along with it (again..go try!).  Despite all that though, I wasnt a fan of their eyeshadows.  Something about the old way they had them packaged, and the color combos..just didn't appeal to me.  Points for trying though.  However have you seen their redesigned smokey i-kit? I love how its in the shape of an eye. There's literally no way you can mess it up.  So with all that in mind, I decided I NEEDED to try their new Satin and Shimmer i-kits (for brown eyes of course) and now that I've been using them both for about a week now, I'm ready to share my review! By the way -these are new for 2012!

(Shimmer i-kit for browns 421)

(Shimmer i-kit for browns 411)

Packaging: So..not gonna lie. Love the packaging.  Though, as usual, those plastic applicators-useless. The design of the palettes though is nice, and its super sturdy.  On the back , if the way its shown above isnt enough, and you STILL dont know where everything goes, the back has instructions on placement .  

Colors:  The colors arent anything you havent seen before, but I'm happy with the two color combos they've chosen for brown eyes.  Usually the first thing I see is "Blue is good for brown eyed beauties".  True.  However very few people can pull it off (I only have ONE friend that can pull it off well) . Number 421 (the Shimmer i-kit) is actually one that anyone can pull off (whether it be blue , green, hazel, or anything in between).  The shimmer i-kit is shimmery without a hint of glitter (thank you!), and the satin i-kit is matte.  The purple palette is a bit sheerer, but you can definitly build up the color (and primer also helps).  The palette for the Shimmer i-kit actually looked vaguely familiar to a batch of colors I've seen before..can you guess?  WnW Walking on Eggshells!  Take a look below ! 

(Shimmer kit)

(Satin i-kit)

(Shimmer i-kit and WnW Walking on Eggshells)

Performance: Both palettes are pigmented and true to their name. I love the shimmer palette for work-its the most perfect neutral. The main difference between the two palettes is that the crease shade on the Almay is much more true to the way it looks in the pan. The WnW (as much as I love it) has only one flaw: the crease shade is not super pigmented like it looks in the pan.  You really need to pack it on.  The crease shade in the Almay is a bit more pigmented.  Both the Almay palettes blend really nicely , and complement my eye color beautifully.  What I love the most and was most surprised about was the staying power!  Used without primer I got a good 5 hours of wear before I noticed any fading.  With primer (CG Intense shadowblast), I got a full 8hrs of wear with minimal creasing or fading.  There was a little bit of fallout with these, but nothing major.

Overall: Overall I'm very happy with these.  Yes, they're unoriginal, and have been seen before, but they have very good staying power, and I love the choice of Satin and Shimmer. The Satin is good alone, but better over primer.  Make sure you give them a try:)

I bought these-these are my ones elses:)

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