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Review *New* Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadow

Hello again my pretties! Its time for another review-this one by request.  I have this and the new Superstay Lipstick to review, and while I was originally going to do the lipstick first, my best friend requested I do these.  I cannot lie, I was so excited when I heard about these.  I LOVE cream shadow, but I hate the way they crease and fade! Anything that promises 24hrs with no fading, I'm down to try.  Lets see how these turned out!  (just a warning..this post is a little picture heavy-they're so pretty in the sunlight!)

Maybelline promises "24 hours of wear" and "vibrant color that doesn't fade"  well..we'll get to that..but first-Pictures! I picked up 3 colors, however there are 10 total, with a teal, grey, orange-the works!

(Bad to the bronze, Bold Gold, and Painted Purple)

(Bad to the bronze, Bold Gold, and Painted Purple)

Packaging: I've read online that they're packaged similar to Mac Paint Pots, however, I dont own any, so all I can compare it to is the Maybelline Gel eyeliner.  Theyre in small glass pots with screw off black tops.  Perfect for traveling! 

Colors:Theyre incredibly pigmented! Definitly true to what you see in the pots. The only one I had a little bit of trouble with was the purple, which was a bit sheer when I swatched it, but it can be easily built up.  The bronze and gold were both shimmery, while the purple was more matte. Here's what you've been waiting for-Swatches!

(Purple, Gold, Bronze)
(click to enlarge)

I admit I didn't swatch them too heavily, but you can see from the picture that the gold and bronze both are shimmery while the purple is not. They are stunning in person though, and I was very happy with them. The consistency was nice and smooth, and I could even smudge out the edges.  

Performance: I decided to test out Bold Gold, since I was heading into work later that night.  I applied the eyeshadow with my fingers to my lid (you can also use a cream eyeshadow brush) , and left it on for 12.5 hours (no primer and nothing to set it) .  When I applied, it went on smoothly and evenly.  The gold was a nice pop of color on my lids, without looking too overdone (I work ones really looking at my face).  I put this bad boy through the ringer..I was in a steamy bathroom with my (sick) toddler, then rubbed my face on the arm of the couch, the works. It didn't budge.  Then came the true test-work.  I'm often stressed and a little sweaty at work, and it still looked great! Like I had just put it on!  At around a little after midnight I decided to take one final look.  After 12 hours, it had faded a bit, and there was some slight creasing, but nothing too noticeable.  I was in heaven.  A cream shadow that can actually stay put on my oily skin? Yes please.  I admit I didn't test it for a full 24 hours, but really..who wears eyeshadow for a full 24hrs anyway?

Conclusion: This are amazing! They stay put for at least 12 with only minimal creasing and fading.  The colors are highly pigmented and blendable, and are easy to blend and apply.  Whats not to love? Plus they're only $7.99! Pick up 1 or 2 or 3, or all of them .  They are a bit hard to find however, so check out your local Walgreens or CVS. 

(Now for more pics!)

(Bold Gold, Painted Purple, Bad to the Bronze)

(Bold Gold)

(Bad to the Bronze)

(Painted Purple)

5/5- Pick them all up!
(I bought these)-All opinions here are my own. 

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