Monday, January 23, 2012

Review! Beauty Blush by Pixi

Howdy all!  Its time for another review!  Lately I've been drawn to blushers (I have no clue why..I just love them), and today I'm reviewing Pixi's Beauty Blush in Purest Peach.  I originially read about this on (where else..) a beauty blog.  The blogger mentioned that it was almost mistake proof, and when she swatched it, it was so beautiful, she had me immediately lemming for it. I'm a bit heavy handed when it comes to blush (hence me always reaching for the lightest shade). Anywhoo enough of my ramblings...on to the review!

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Pixi says: "With added cheekbone-sculpting and moisture-trapping ingredients, this cashmere-silky treatment powder works to nourish skin while providing lush colour. We also infused it with rosehip extract for a vitamin boost & honeysuckle flower extract for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral pigments provide soft, sheer shades and a long-lasting & natural-looking finish. Talc free. Paraben free. Fragrance free. " It also contains a host of all natural ingredients, like Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Honeysuckle flower extract.  Sounds good right? Yes Maam!

Color: Its peach.  It has a slight sheen to it, but not shimmer.  It looks super great on the skin, and seems to melt right in.  

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Performance: The blush also touts on the back of the box to be long lasting..and it is, sort of.  It lasted about 6hrs before I noticed any fading.  This blush, truly is perfect for anyone who wants a natural looking flush to their cheeks. Usually I pass the blush brush over once and thats it.  This time I actually made 2/3 passes to get the color just right, and it looked perfect on my cheeks.  Theres no scent, and the blush itself is super soft. My only problem with this blush is the size and the price. Its $16.00 at Target!  You only get .16oz, and you pay $16. By comparison, the Happy Booster Blush you get .24oz, and you pay $11.99 .  Heres a pic of some blushes, and eyeshadows by camparison.

(sorry about the blurry pic..Idk what happened with my camara)
(Mayb. Dream Bouncy Blush, WnW E/s Trio, Happy Booster Blush, Mayb. Fit Me)

Even the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush, which is the smallest of the bunch, you still get .19oz.  

Overall: I really love this blush, and honestly, this would be a HG Blush for me if it wasnt for the price.  Its hard for me to shell out $16 for something so small.  At least with the NARS Blush I purchased, they gave u this big compact. The product itself is very good however.  Its got just enough pigmentation, it melts into your skin, and blends like a dream.  

I give it: 4/5 (points off for price)
I bought it myself
All opinions expressed here are my own

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  1. We must be beauty twins or something because I've tried every single thing you have in that picture. Except the Pixi blush. Darn you for making me want it. ;) Lovin' your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Great minds think alike;) As much as I griped about the price in the post, I'm going to have to pick up a backup, and possibly the pink. I've been wearing it almost every single day, and I cant even begin to say how much I love it.


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