Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review! Brand Spankin' New Covergirl Blast Flipstick! Swatches!

Ohhh my gosh. As soon as I heard about the new items for Covergirl that were coming out, I new I needed to try them all.  The one I admit I was most excited and intrigued about was the Blast Flipstick.  Its a dual ended lipstick. One shimmery side, one cream.  You can use one alone, or both at the same time.  They had (or still have..I think) a deal going where if you bought the new items from, you'd get free shipping.  The flipstick I chose (based on the stock photos) was cheeky.  The stock photo showed a medium pink side (maybe a few shades pinker then my lips), and a peachy pink side (if you wanna see the stock photo click here.) .  Well..I did get Cheeky, but it doesn't look much like the photo (so..just be aware..).  When they finally hit stores around here, I will be buying another in a lighter shade:)  But enough of that..on to the review!

The Flipstick is dual ended.  On one side is the cream side, and the other has a shimmery side.  

(Cream side)

(shimmery side)

The lipcolor side for Cheeky is a pink/coral color.  Its a wee bright for the winter, but I do love the color overall. I'm not sure if its just the one I received, or if its for all of them, but the cream side was not that creamy.  It reminded me of the Infallible lipcolor that I had.  I couldn't really smack my lips like I normally do with lipstick-and that was a surprise for me.  I expected it to be much creamier, like the Lip Perfection lipsticks.  While I didn't care too much for the texture, the payoff was amazing.  It went on smoothly, and evenly.  It doesn't say it's long lasting, but for me it lasted about 5/6hrs with minimal transfer.  Once it wore off, it left a really beautiful stain on my lips.  

The shimmer side is a shimmery peach color.  Its quite shimmery, and I had to blot a few times to tone it down a tad (in my mid twenties shimmer isn't so good..haha).  Its not too overbearing, I just prefer less shimmer.

When the cream is combined with the shimmery side, the color actually changed a bit, and was much more moisturizing.  I enjoy both these colors alone, and together, so I really think this concept works.  Score for Covergirl!   (Swatch time!)

(L-R: Shimmery side, Cream side, Shimmery over Cream)

The swatch on my arm doesnt really do it justice. All the colors (including the combined one) are all really beautiful, and pigmented.  

Overall:  I'm very very happy, and LOVE my Flipstick.  I cant wait to pick up the other colors once they hit stores!

Retail: $7.99
I give it : 5/5

(I bought it myself)

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