Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review! Maybelline Lots of Lashes (LoL).

Ahhh! I wanted this mascara as soon as I heard it was coming out! Eee! The packaging got me good..and I had to have it. Now I do..and heres my review:)

First up: Packaging:
Classic Pink, Green, and Black tube.  Something about the dark pink and green tube just gets me. The packaging itself definitely gets your attention, and chances are it'll be one of the first things you notice going down the Maybelline section.  The heart and name..I just love the whole thing. Great job marketing department lol.

Color:  I got the Blackest Black (I always do).  They also have Very Black, and Brownish Black.

The Wand:  Lets face it, thats really what sets this mascara apart from others. The wand is supposed to represent a heart, and since that would probably be the worst mascara wand shape EVER-its instead in the shape of a cone.  Its got plastic little bristles that do a great job of grabbing the lashes.  It was also nice that I didnt have to wipe the wand down, and I got no clumps when I used it. Here are some pics of the epic wand.

I didnt experience any clumping or flaking with this mascara, though I only used one coat (as I usually do). The instructions on the back say to not wait before applying a second coat, so I'm not sure if I'd gotten different results if I'd used more then one.  I'm not sure if this formula is the same as the regular Great Lash or what, but I like it better (though once again, it could just be the wand). 

Performance/ Overall:
Overall, I liked this mascara much more then I did the original Great Lash.  The only problem I saw was that it promised "Lots of Volume. No clumps. No mess".  It delivered on the no clumps, and no mess.  However, I didnt get as much volume as I would have expected.  It was more of a "my lashes but better" type volume.  Just a smidge.  Not too noticeable . 

I give this: 3/5 
Points off for lack of volume, but major points for originality.


(I bought this myself). 

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