Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nars Orgasm Blush

I am a drugstore cosmetics person-I fully admit, and embrace it. I have a family, we're in the midst of a recession, and generally I just really love the stuff I buy. I'll tell you what though, I recently bought (and began using) Nars Orgasm Blush, and I must say..I LOVE IT. me..Sephora is like a gateway drug.  You buy one thing you know you buy two, three, then youre goin in every day to see whats new.  I'd been in there a few times, but wasnt really looking for anything in particular, and was a bit overwhelmed.  This time I had a budget, and a few things in mind.  I'd honestly heard so much about this I decided to finnally give it a try. I read somewhere that this is "hard to get wrong".  Well I did..immediatly.  Its very pigmented, and being super fair skinned (and in denial) I immediatly put on too much. I got the dreaded blush to my ears streak.  I decided to wipe my face clean and start over.  One swipe on my cheeks. BAM. face looked shimmery, but in a highlighter under your cheeks way. I LOVED the glow it gave my face. I felt good wearing it, and that I'm sure helped. 

I had a chance to test out the wear time when my daughter when to the docs. Nothin like tears, and humidity to test out cosmetics eh?  Well, it passed with flying colors. And with the amount of money i paid (Hey..27+tax is nothin to sneeze at) I expected as much. It passed through the sweat, and humidity and tears like a pro.  It stayed on even through my evening job..with compliments no less.

So in conclusion..very pigmented, and yes..worth the hype. A light hand is all thats needed for a natural glow, and it looks great. I would definitly repurchase this again, and honestly look forward to buying more from Nars:)

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