Monday, February 10, 2014

Requested! Eyeshadow Tutorial!

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Ok. So I'm not a pro. But here are some simple steps to help you apply eyeshadow.   Eyeshadow application doesn't need to be complicated and You don't need 15 brushes !  All you need is patience and a few simple objects:

  • Patience. Applying eyeshadow takes time if you're new. 
  • Applicators:  sponge applicators work. I prefer to use brushes. All you need is 2. A brush to applying eyeshadow , and one to apply a crease and highlight color. (I'll put some examples at the end of the post) 
  • Eyeshadows. Wet and wild 8 pan palettes are excellent for beginners ( or anyone really ). They're pigmented, smooth to blend, and have everything clearly labeled ( though part of makeup is to find your own way). 
  • A mirror. Any mirror in a well lit area will do. 

(Purple shade:Lid Color
Light shade: Crease color
White shade: Highlight)


  • Apply a lid color. The lid color is normally a nice mid tone shade ( this can pretty much be any color. ).  Your lid eyeshadow can be shimmery , glittery, matte, satin etc..
  • Apply a crease color. This is 99% of time a matte shade. Why matte? Matte shades define your eye. The color itself can be any color slightly darker then your lid color.  If youre doing something natural, a nice medium toned brown is nice.  You can go shimmery  if you like , but too much shimmer makes your eyes look like disco balls .  **To apply the color. Find the crease (the space just above your eyeball ) and using an applicator or brush, apply your color in a windshield motion back and forth, concentrating on the outer corner as you go. 
  • Apply a highlight color.  This can be shimmery or matte ,  it's done just underneath the eyebrow , and in the inner corner to brighten the eye  
  • **Each time you add a new color to the eyes, you need to blend,  even if you don't have a brush, you can blend with your fingers!**
  • If you want your eyeshadow to last all day, you can prime your eyes first.  Primer is basically something sticky for the shadow to the eyeshadow to adhere to. You can buy eyeshadow primer , but concealer , foundation, or a cream shadow can act as a primer as well.  

Brushes: (not necessary, but this is what I recommend)
 Real Techniques (Ulta-17:99) . This set is great. The shadow brush is great for applying eyeshadow to the lid and to the crease (double duty!)  The rest of the brushes are nice too!.

Target's Up and Up Crease Brush: $2!  Its soft, and applies and blends shadows in the crease beautifully!

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