Monday, December 30, 2013

New @ the drugstore! (displays!)

Nothing to Disclose
I found some new displays! Wanna see?

Maybelline's new Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.  Its gotten a lot of buzz in asia where it was released first.  Obviously this was picked over, but I did snag one. (Found at CVS)

Wet and Wild On the Rocks Nailpolish.  Notice the 1$ off sticker! (no I didnt pick this up..I'm nailpolished out for a while). I found this also at CVS

New NYX! Found this at ULTA.  In my haste to not look like a wierdo taking pictures of displays, I dont know what the bottom item is. *UPDATE* It's tinted moisturizer! These pictures are all new releases from NYX and their new collections (I dont know if these are permanent, or LE, but I'm hoping permanent!).  

The top is the Dream Catcher Palettes.  Its a bunch of baked nudes/smokey eyeshadows.  Now I know this is shocking, but no, I didnt pick this up.  I love eyeshadow palettes, but I do have a lot of nudes.  The bottom display, as actually a Tinted Moisturizer.  The lightest shade is too dark for me however, so use the tester!

As you can see,  its an Infinte Shadow stick, and Butter Lipstick.  I tested out a couple of the Shadow Sitcks on my hands, and they're nice.  I was definitely tempted (I'm having a serious love affair with shadow crayons, but I resisted..).  I'm wishing now I'd picked up the butter lipstick! Hopefully these will be perm and I can pick some up on sale!

NYX Lush Lashes Mascara, and Butter Lip Balm.  Once again, on my "Wish I'd bought list".  But I did pick up some other stuff that was cool...

These!  The top is a new BB Cream, and yay for testers!  I picked up the lightest shadow.  I'm so excited!  I also picked up the radiance powder next to it (to the right of that is a bronzer). 
Underneath is a mattifying powder! (also something I picked up! ) Yay! Once again I picked up the lightest shade, and yes, those are testers. 

For the 3 items I spent about 30+ bucks with tax.  I cant remember offhand how much everything was.  But I'll have pics and first impressions soon!

What do you think? Are you a NYX fan? Excited for any of these?

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