Friday, December 6, 2013

Challenge Accepted: Week One: 11/28-12/5

Makeup I wore Thursday 11/28-Thursday 12/5!



So here it is! My first week (and a day) worth of "What Makeup I wore" .  First I'd like to say.."In your face Makeup Junkie! I made it a week!" .  I'm not going to lie.  It was hard, and as you see I had lazy days. For me, Victoria said to "wear makeup everyday" , not necessarily a "full face of makeup every day".  So blush counts! Also in my defense, I was totally battling a cold, and now a sinus infection.  Its been a never ending week of  a runny nose and sneezing.    But all in all , I actually felt better about myself this week.  Even with just wearing blush, I felt put together and non shluby.  

My favorite look was definitely Thanksgiving (#1).  The Sephora eyeshadow with the matte brown in the crease, it looked all subtle and smokey ( I did forget to include the brown eyeliner tho..oops).  You all are also getting an inside peek into what I'm testing (hint Revlon, hint..). 

 On to week two!
(And next week will actually be 7 days..oops!)

What does everyone think of my challenge? Silly? Pointless? Hard? Fun?

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