Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So the other day I walked into Sephora..

If only every day started out with that line ;-)

My local Sephora (the one in the Westchester Mall in White Plains NY) has the Sephora Color IQ.  Its a machine that takes pictures of you skin (sans makeup) and then color matches you.  It gives you a color code and a whole list of foundations that will match you! (and yes you can email yourself the list).  I went in (not knowing they had those machines..but silently hoping they might) and got color matched.  I was only wearing a light dusting of powder, eyeliner and eyeshadow that day, so they handed me a wipe (smelled like citrus..it was amazing), and I cleaned off my face.  They took three pictures:  One on my lower chin, one on my cheek and one on my forehead.  Wait 30sec and voila!  I was matched!

*Here's what Sephora says about Color IQ

So what do I think?  Hmm.  Well.  Here are the matches (I took screenshots of the email, since I had about 20 matches).

(Click to enlarge)

(oops when i cropped the screenshots, this row came twice..)

So my thoughts?  Umm..  I'm still on the fence.  I have actually used and tried a few of the foundations on the list, and its a bit hit and miss.

For example.  The Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in Fair.  I've used and tried it (it was my first foray into makeup that wasnt drugstore) and when I went to get matched, I was matched to Alabaster (which is a full three shades lighter then Fair).  Also, the UD Naked Foundation.  It says I'd be matched to shade 3.5, but when I was matched in store (the exact store where I got this done), I received shade 2 (which I still think might be a hair too warm for me).  The Clinique Stay Matte Oil free makeup in Alabaster looks like it may work, and I also like the fact that it had the Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup on the list (since I do have a lot of redness in my cheeks, I'm glad it picked that up). 

So in the end, I'm on the fence.  I'd like to try this one more time just to see what it says (this time truly without makeup).  I also  feel like nothing truly beats testing out the shade for yourself.  You're in Sephora already, and they have testers and makeup artists to help you.  The list is a good starting point, but nothing beats truly wearing it and trying it on.   

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