Saturday, February 16, 2013

NOTD! China Glaze MagnetixII in Con-fused?

Hello my dahlings!  Time for a NOTD!

(I used the diagonal lines on the red magnet)

This polish is from China Glaze's Magnetix II collection , and I must say..I adore it.  I know there are many magnetic polish haters out there, but personally, I've never had too much of a problem.  Yes, it takes patience, but if you're willing to take a few extra minutes, the results are worth it.  This polish in particular is a favorite among my family.  I've done this color on my daughter (yes..shes 4), and my mother in law.  It applies like a dream, and even if you dont use the magnet, the polish itself is excellent.  

Here's some magnetic polish tips:
*Do one finger at a time. 
* Apply polish, hover magnet for 10 seconds .  
*If you mess up, its easy-just apply another coat!
*Wait until your nails are completely dry before applying a clear top coat.

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    1. I got it from amazon. It's from this online store, and holy smokes did she ship fast. I ordered on a Friday, and got them on a tuesday. We can have a nail day if you want;)


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