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Review! Covergirl's New Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Watermelon Twist (Please stop comparing these to Revlon!)

Helloo beauty lovers out there!  Time for another review! However before I get to that, just a short "State of the blog" address.  For the most part this blog is solely reviews.  And while that's fine, I would like for this place to be more then just reviews.  I'm going to be posting about my favorite brushes, eyeliners, FOTD's / EOTD's (face of the days../ eye of the day)  Etc.  Also, every so often something personal, and non beauty related may pop up. If anyone has any suggestions on what they'd like to see here just comment below or send an email to : Sirenmakeupblog@hotmail.com :)

On to the review!  These gloss balms have been getting a bit of buzz around the beauty blogosphere.  Every company is coming out with their own version of Clinique's Chubby Stick..  These in particular have been getting compared a lot to the Revlon version.

Do not compare these to Revlon. They are two completely different products!!  Revlon's chubby stick is called a *Balm Stain*  Implying  full opaque color, longish lasting,  and lip staining afterwards.  These are Gloss Balms.  Meaning sheer color.  They're not meant to stain lips or even be long wearing (and it doesnt claim to be).  The Revlon Balm stains are amazing, so definitely try those out.  However, if you want something sheerer and softer, then this is what you'd aim for. 

Phew.  Now that that PSA is over..on to the Review (for real this time..).

What Covergirl says: "Twist up the color and glide on the shine. Treat your lips to a balm fortified with shea and mango butters for a smooth look with a hint of color." (source)
Also according to their display it promises " Sheer Color, Soft Shine, Soft Lips".  Lets see how these bad boys fared.

Despite a bit of a bad rap its getting, I actually enjoy these.  Do I think they're for everyone? No.  Could it have been done a bit better? Yes.  But, on the whole, I actually like what I get out of it.


Pros: It does deliver sheer color.  For the week or so that I've had this (and been wearing it), the color is actually very nice.  Keep in mind however, I chose a deeper color.  If you go for one of the more nude colors, I dont think it'll show up. so steer clear.  Once its applied, Its glossy, moisturizing, and the color is very very nice.  Once the balm wears off however, thats when things go south..

Cons: Once the balm wears off, your lips feel very very dry, and chapped .  Chapstick helps, but it's supposed to be infused with "shea and mango butters" so why the dryness? Also, the balm portion of the balm wears off easily within 2/3 hours .

Overall:  I like the color that I'm left with in the end.  I just hate all the inbetween lip dryness.  I dont mind applying a light layer of chapstick, but I feel like I shouldnt have to. Covergirl promises sheer color (yes), soft shine (yes) , and soft lips (not so much).  If you're ok with re applying, and lightly stained lips..definitely give these a try.  Theres no scent, and only feels mildly waxey.  If  you hate the feel of dry chapped lips and dont want to put in some extra effort, definitely pass.  Oh, and pass on the nude colors "Sheer color" + Nude = Invisible.

Some Lip Swatches for your viewing pleasure:

8.99 @ Walgreens
Bought these myself/opinions are my own

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