Monday, October 1, 2012

Product Fail: Almay Wake up Eyeshadow + Primer in Invigorate (Swatches-Picture heavy)

Hello all my pretty sirens.  I'd like you all to know something...I a slacker.  This shadow has been sitting in my box for at least 2 months..and I'm only just now getting a review of it up.  I apologize for my slackerish tendencies.  However, that being said..I've tested this out for a week..and I'm ready to post.

This is my very first "product fail", and I'm very sad.

This is Almay's New Wake up Eyeshadow + Primer (in Invigorate).  Here's what Almay has to say:
"instantly bring life to tired eyes with this all-in-one kit. first apply the primer with a touch of caffeine to instantly brighten the eye area. then use the three rich complementing shadows to provide a vibrant, luminous, refreshed look that lasts all day."

(swatched-picture taken in direct sunlight)

What I liked:  
I liked the selection of shadows.  Taupe, purple and gray are my 3 favorite colors to wear on my eyes, and to have them all together (with a primer no less) definitely appealed to me. 

What I didnt like:
Everything else. Almay describes them as providing a vibrant and luminous look.  They should replace vibrant and luminous with subtle and sparkly.  These shadows swatched so sheer..I was shocked (as you can see above).  I didnt have much hope for the primer, but the shadows (especially the purple) looked so cool in the palette.  Unfortunately, the shadows are sheer, chalky and glittery.  The purple shade was so sheer just to get the color to show up on my arm, I had to go over it about 4x.  The primer itself is white-like snow white.  It was patchy even when applying it onto my arm. 

Here's the purple shadow swatched over the primer:

You can see that the color was patchy and uneven when applying over the primer (though the color was a bit deeper..). 

After all this, I still wanted to give this palette the benefit of the doubt.  I wore these two eye looks over the course of a week. 

(Grey on lid-Taupe in crease)

(Grey on lid-Taupe in crease)

(Taupe on Lid-Purple in crease)

(Taupe on Lid-Purple in crease)

Ummm..yeah. Not so spectacular.  The primer, was worse then the shadows.  Most days the shadows creased within two hours of applying.  All of the glittery shades (the taupe, and the gray), had fallout, and were super chalky.  Overall, the shadows were also very hard, and I had to work my brush just get some pigment to apply to my eye..  Most days you couldnt even tell what colors I was wearing , or even that I was wearing anything on my eyes at all.  Actually, you could tell...there was tell tale glitter on my face (GAHHH GLITTER). 

Overall:  I kind of hate this palette.  Too much work, and far too sheer, chalky and glittery.  Not good quality for 9$.  I love the wakeup concealer, but the yourself a favor, and please save your money.

Bought this myself, all my own opinions

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    1. I agree that eyeshadow primer is very important. In my post I was only referring to the primer that came with the palette.


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