Monday, July 9, 2012

Review! Maybelline's New Eyestudio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

Howdy yall!  I'm in the midst of testing a few drugstore BB creams (you'll find out the results soon..).  However I did find the time to test out one of Maybelline's brand spankin' new eyeliners .  Its name: Eyestudio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner. Its a mouthful, I know.  This is just one of many new products Maybelline came out with..and I must say..I'm impressed.

Heres what Maybelline has to say about its new eyeliner pen. "Exclusive felt tip. Never dries. Never skips. 
Ultra-thin 0.4mm brush supplies smooth, even lines.  No mess or excess. " (from Maybelline site).

Before we get into the pros and cons..swatches!


(nice tip!)

What I liked: When my daughter first saw this she went "Ohhh marker!" which is true...its a marker with killer tip! Its flexible enough to make thin or thick lines, but firm enough for an unsteady hand like mine. Its also incredibly pigmented.  The only color they have right now is black, and its a dark , deep black- no need to go over the line more then once.  The last thing I love about this is how long lasting it is, and how once it sets..its SET.  Dont believe me? Check this out :

(this was taken 2 min after I drew it on my arm, and then tried to wipe it off)

As you can see, its a deep dark black, and when I tried to wipe it off, it barely smudged. I didn't experience any skipping or tugging with this liner, which is also nice.

What I didnt like: For one, it only comes in one color.  I'd love to see a blue, or purple (or at least brown ) shade.  Also, this is not recommended for liquid liner newbies (like me).  It often takes me sometimes 2/3/4...tries to get it right (i wear glasses, and without them, I cant see crap). When I'd try to remove this to start over, it was very difficult. I used Neutrogena makeup wipes, and a waterproof eye makeup remover, and this liner was  impervious to all of it. Eventually I was able to get it right, but my eyes were red from all the makeup removing. 

Overall:  All that being said, this is pretty excellent.  If you're experienced with liquid liner, and want something that wont smudge or move around in the summer heat, then I highly recommend trying this out.  However, if you're less experienced, then try drawing a line in pencil first and then using this, as its a bit of a pain to remove.

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  1. This sounds great! I love Maybelline atm, they really seem to be stepping their game up to be true competition to the other high street brands. Only problem would be taking it off as I only use Simple make up wipes!


    1. I agree! They have been stepping up their game! This is great if you're expierienced..however I had an incredibly difficult time taking it was quite funny actually.


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