Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My little Siren turned 4!

This is going to be a departure from the reviews I do...my little girl turned 4!!!

Time goes by waaayy too fast when you have kids..*cue sad sigh...*

She had a great time with two (yes two..) cakes back by her father (an excellent baker..), and trips to the mall, and video games..here are just a few pics:)

(The cakes..yes one unfrosted..and sorry..yes they're eaten already, since as soon as they came out we started to scarf them down)

(one of her gifts..a dreamlite from her grandma, and she loves it)

Shes a very loved little girl! She got loads of gifts and had lots of fun with her cousin SirenK .  Thank you all for sharing in this journey in my little Sirens bday:)

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