Monday, January 30, 2012

Review! New Revlon Colorstay 16hr Eyeshadow! Swatches & Photos!

Hello again! Todays review comes from the world of Revlon. They have rolled out some brand new items this year like eyeshadow primers, foundation, mascaras, and face primers.  I picked up 3 (yes 3!-gotta love sales at CVS) of the eyeshadows. Oh.. and I still want to get one more of these..the pic of Olivia Wilde wearing the blue and green eyeshadow..its definitely got me lemming for it. Anywho  I have swatches, and photos galore for you all :D So lets get to it!

(505-Decadent, 530-Seductive, 525-Siren)
(yes..Siren ;) )

What Revlon Says about these eyeshadows: - "All day luxurious color that doesn't crease, fade or smudge - Rich, velvety shadows blend smoothly and effortlessly*" (from Revlon website*) .  All day color with no fading or creasing? That's some big claims from some tiny eyeshadows..nonetheless..lets see how they worked out.

(505 Decadent)

(530 Seductive)

(525 Siren)

Packaging: They went out with the old 4 horizontal quad (where everything was left to the buyer to figure out what goes where), and in with the new quads you see above. I truthfully like them better this way.  They also have on the back a small eye chart showing you where to place everything.  While I appreciated that, I personally had my own ideas.




Color: Two out of the three are highly pigmented.  Unfortunately, as I've begun to notice with purple eyeshadows, they come out a little sheerer.  As you'll see below, the purple colors barely show up.  I had to swipe my arms 5/6 times to get any color to show up. The purple quad was the only one where I actually followed the recommendations on where to put the colors.  I originally thought the bottom right color would be too dark for a crease color , but it was just pigmented enough. However, Decadent (the neutralish quad), and Siren (the gray quad), are both highly pigmented, and very blend-able without getting too muddy. (Swatch time!)

(Decadent-Click to enlarge)

(Seductive-Click to enlarge)

(Siren-Click to enlarge)

Performance: I tested these with and without primer (CG).  When I tested these without primer it lasted 5 hours before I noticed any creasing or fading..yes..5 hours. I admit it was minor, but it was faded.  When used over primer I got 9ish hours of wear before any fading and only minor creasing (for primer I used CG Intense Shadowblast in Beige Blaze). When I tested Seductive (the purple quad), I used only primer, and it lasted about as long as the rest, however, it made me sad that the colors weren't as pigmented as they look in the pan. 

Overall: In the end, these are best used with primer.  With primer you can get at least 8hrs of wear with your eyes looking as fresh as a daisy.  However, without, it'll be considerably less.  I really had high hopes for these.  The colors, and selections are beautiful, however, they definitely don't live up to 16hrs. 

P.S-I know I suck as swatching. I'm hoping to get better with practice. 

I give it: 3/5
I bought these myself
All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Oh yes, I have been wanting that blue/green look every time I see it on TV! I keep hesitating for some reason on the purchase, though. Everyone has been saying (like you) that these really don't live up. I'll wait for a good sale I guess!

    1. I actually got these on sale at cvs for 5.99 ( i bought 2 and then got 3$ extra bucks back), so I'd wait. Plus, you can always return them. Personally I like these..I just wish they lasted longer without primer (one less step is always nice..).


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