Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review! Covergirl Intense Shadowblast!

Hello again all! In an effort to put more reviews up, I went into my nb of notes (yes.. that's what I said..nb of notes..), and realized I never posted a review of the Covergirl Intense Shadowblast.  I actually got these the DAY they came out, and should have put a review up then.  However, it was summer, and obviously had much more outdoorsy things on my mind.  Plus, I wasn't wearing much makeup then, so it wouldnt have been an honest review.

Covergirl Intense Shadowblast comes 6 shades: Beige Blaze, Extreme Green, Brown Bling, Blue Bomb, Platinum Pop, and Forever Pink.  Covergirl describes it as ", waterproof eyeshadow with a built-in primer for color that lasts". We shall see!

(T-B: Beige Blaze, Extreme Green, Brown Bling, and Blue Bomb).

(L-R: Beige, Blue, Green, Brown)


Packaging: The eye shadows are packaged in the typical lipgloss/concealer tube.  I admit I was a bit confused by the applicator.  At first glance, I'm like.."this is going to apply the shadow to my eyelid?"..but it does the job.  

(Spongy applicator)

Colors: The color selection is nice, however, I'm DYING that they didn't include a purple shade.  My most favorite color eye shadow to wear is any shade of purple.  But, I cant complain too much, because out of the 4 colors I do have, I love them all. But next time I hope Covergirl realizes, purple shadows are kind of awesome. 

Consistancy: Its a liquid that sets quickly on the the lid. It spreads nicely, but sheers out when you blend it and move it around.  

Performance: Ahhh..the most important part.  When applying the eye shadow, its not as intense as the tube shows, or the commercial.  I apply it with the applicator to my eyelid first, and then use my finger to blend it out.  When you do that, its not as intense, which is disappointing.  I wanted the blue and green to be SUPER intense (since that is the name), but its not.  The way to get there however, is by applying it, waiting a min and then going over and over.  However, after too many layers it starts to look a little funky.  So in that respect, its not super intense.  

Its also only OK as a primer.  It did make my eye shadow last longer but not as long as i would have liked. It didnt keep my eye shadow from creasing during my 8hr shift at work, which was disappointing.  Where it does rock however, is that YES.  Its waterproof.  A college best bud of mine even takes showers with this on, and it lasts.  I don't doubt her either, because to test, after swatching my arm, I ran this under warm water, and tried to wash it off.  No go.  My arm looked exactly the same. So  thats definitely a plus (waterproof=sweatproof).  

The Beige Blaze color happens to the the same color as my skin (as you can see from the swatch..).  It works best for me as a primer, since as an eye shadow, it'd become invisible.  Its also good as a highlight under the brow. 

Overall: Overall, these are good..  Its not super intense, but it can be built up.  The green I was most surprised about. When applied to the eye is amazing,  Aside from the brown, its the most noticable.  As a primer its ok.  The color stays true the whole day without fading, and a slight creasing after about 6 hours. 


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